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CGI Team Declares Ant-Man 3 A Dud And Strips Marvel To The Bones

why does it turn Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania square? The box office is ringing, but the blockbuster is one of the lowest-rated Marvel movies ever. What went wrong? According to the CGI team, it was nothing more or less than “greed” on the part of the studio heads.

What would be the worst Marvel movie ever? Lots of options from the vast universe of superheroes. But ant man 3 it’s only the second of 31 MCU movies to flop on Rotten Tomatoes with an abysmal score. The other bad apple? Forever forgotten eternal from 2021.

According to the CGI team that peppered the current flop with special effects, Marvel studio executives apparently haven’t learned their lesson from 2021. “I really felt certain scenes were shortened or changed to save time and money.”

On condition of anonymity -Hollywood does not tolerate heretics or sinners-, three CGI artists from ant man 3 for now Vulture of the confession Of these we have selected the juiciest psalms that together provide a new testament.

Marvel’s greed caused the failure of Ant-Man 3

“For ant man 3 there were many editorial changes that came too late. But there comes a point where there’s no going back and that’s up to Marvel. But it certainly caused a lot of tension and anxiety for everyone on the team. We had to cover up the incomplete work and reduce the action sequences and special effects, probably because there wasn’t enough time to render everything. I really felt that certain scenes were shortened or changed to save money and time,” explains the distraught crew member of ant man 3.

“Marvel spending a little more money to pay the VFX people wouldn’t make much of a difference to higher-level executives. But if they’re not comfortable with their bank numbers, we have to work our butt off. Honestly, I chalk it up to human greed. I think the movie is now getting negative reviews because Marvel is trying to limit the quality as much as possible. They squeeze the blood from the stones. And the blood is gone.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever took precedence

In addition, the priority of Marvel would not arrive Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania have been located, but rather in black panther 2. “wakandan forever has priority. There was a much smaller team working on it. Ant Man. It was in the background and the film was clearly less urgent. There was a lot of rework, a lot of inefficiency. I ended up copying the work of many other artists, which is not normal when you work for other studios,” said another desperate CGI team member.

“There were some great sequences that looked promising. But more people should have been involved in the project. Maybe more money needed to be spent. You can’t expect every VFX company to deliver the highest quality work. And certainly not if you do it on a lower budget.”

Did you listen to Marvel? Hopefully the studio execs read these frock coats and the new Guardians of the Galaxy once again finding ourselves with the bible of quality superhero movies. Until then, we’d rather have a toothache your place or mine.

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CGI Team Declares Ant-Man 3 A Dud And Strips Marvel To The Bones

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