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Cheflix is ​​the Netflix of whiskey lovers with this new series

Time for a masterclass or Netflix for lovers of whiskey and good food. Cheflix’s streaming service is well worth a try, and you get free access for a limited time with a QR code on a bottle of The Glenlivet you buy. Scroll down for the terms and conditions.

Joined by Cheflix, Matt Don Griot, industry expert and whiskey brand ambassador for The Glenlivet, takes you into the world of liquid gold. For Matt, whiskey taboos are meant to be broken. So he too expect cocktails, food pairing.

Whiskey World at Cheflix

Of whiskey world is a 10-episode series that has been airing on Cheflix since February. Presented by Matt Don Griot, Whiskey Brand Ambassador at The Glenlivet.
Follow him on his journey through Scotland in search of the best whiskeys in the world. The Masterclass sheds light on the iconic The Glenlivet distillery and includes an exclusive interview with Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop.

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mate don griot (Image: Cheflix)

This masterclass will help you with some useful tips for navigating the world of whiskey and take your whiskey experience to the next level, according to the maker. “I was enjoying my first glass of whiskey with my dad and then I felt something release inside of me,” he says. Manners. “My mission is to inspire people to explore the world of whiskey and to enjoy and have fun with the drink in their own personal way.”

New series with 10 episodes

Netflix’s Masterclass for Whiskey Lovers covers everything you need to know, from barrel aging to tasting tips. Cheflix answers the origin of the drink, explains where the name comes from and tells you how to choose a whiskey that suits you.

Episode 1 – ‘Water of Life’ – the history of whiskey

Matt Don Griot delves into the history books to find out how it all began. Interesting lesson on the origin of your favorite drink.

Episode 2 – Producing the World’s Most Loved Spirits

Cheflix gives you an inside look at the distillery and guides you through all the steps that turn three simple ingredients into the famous ‘water of life’. From the grain field to the glass, this episode takes an in-depth look at the production process.

Episode 3 – The Wonders of Barrel Rolling – with Master Blender Sandy Hyslop

With almost 40 years of experience, Master Blender Sandy Hyslop is the ideal teacher to explain the importance of barrel aging. Sandy holds the prestigious title of Director of Blending and Inventory for all Chivas Brothers blended Scotch whiskeys. She tells all about the importance of maturation, the different barrels and finishes, and what happens in the barrel that is so essential to the final flavor.

Episode 4 – Malts or blends – notable differences

Scotch, malts and blends. Many names for many different whiskeys. Discover the regions of Scotch whiskey, learn the terminology and explore the art of blending.

Episode 5 – Whisk(e)y Around the World

Is whiskey spelled with or without ‘e’? Matt Don Griot helps you understand the rich traditions and extensive productions behind whisky. There is much to learn about the different styles of whiskey(e)and around the world.

Episode 6 – How to choose your whiskey

There is a whiskey for everyone, but how do you know which one to choose? This Netflix episode for life-swallowers answers.

Episode 7 – Time to have a drink: the art of tasting

Always enjoy whiskey the way you like it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Matt gives him Cheflix tips on how to best enjoy the drink and what glassware to use. Follow the nose steps, savor and enjoy. And feel free to add water or even ice.

Episode 8 – Shake Up with Cocktails

The world’s first cocktails were based on whiskey, today it is taboo. But not for Cheflix. Discover some classics, shake things up with some modern twists, and take the final step to take your whiskey experience to a new level. Once you’ve tried these recipes, that old taboo will be a thing of the past. To like is to believe. Also check out the 10 Best Manners Whiskey Cocktails.

Episode 9 – Pairing Whiskey with Food

Matt Don Griot loves to cook with whiskey, sometimes even adding it to a recipe. He finds some fancy whiskey food pairings and enters a world of flavor combinations. Get inspired by Matt’s suggestions and be sure to check out the workbook for detailed recipes!

Afevering 10: The Glenlivet

Matt highlights six different expressions of The Glenlivet, each with its own unique character. He shows the diversity of whiskey, even within the same brand. The heart of The Glenlivet is known for: fruity, floral and fresh. This is further complemented by unique barrel influences.

The Netflix for whiskey lovers

The offer to watch Cheflix ‘free’ runs from February 1 to March 31, 2023 and applies with the purchase of one of the following products. The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve, The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve, The Glenlivet 12 Year Old, The Glenlivet 15 Year Old and The Glenlivet 18 Year Old. Find the label on the box, get the coupon code and go to this website to see the master class.

Cheflix is ​​more than whiskey. You can also sign up for a regular subscription to the streaming service packed with cooking lessons and masterclasses, which you can try free for 14 days. More information can be found here. Already have enough subscriptions? then check chef’s table of Peaky Blinders on Netflix.

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Cheflix is ​​the Netflix of whiskey lovers with this new series

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