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Drenthe’s War Movie Turns Into An Unlikely Success Story

meet boundless treasona Drenthe war film that was already completely finished when suddenly a distributor knocked on the door with far more ambitious plans.

The Dutch film industry consists of more than just sugary rom-coms with celebrities in the leading role, who cannot be differentiated. The Battle of the Scheldt has shown that we can also score internationally with war movies. Not the genre you immediately think of, given the scale and limited budgets of the Dutch film industry.

Boundless Betrayal: Drenthe War Film

Therefore, collaboration is the solution. For example, in April comes the lost transport out, a new war film by Dutch director Saskia Diesing, made in collaboration with German and Luxembourg production companies. With an international cast, it brings to life a true war story. You can read more about that in this article.

Now it’s time to look forward to the next Dutch war movie. What a year! So we are talking about boundless treasona Drenthe film that before Treacherous love It was called Still a little of romkom influence.

Boundless Betrayal: Drenthe War Film
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Louis Mengelberg

boundless treason is set during World War II, specifically the period just before Operation Amherst. That was an airborne operation in April 1945, in which seven hundred French soldiers landed in Drenthe. His mission? liberate Groningen.

We follow German officer Ludwig Mengelberg, known in the German army as ‘Der Fliegende Holländer’. Mengelberg has more and more problems with what happens during the war. When his family dies during a bombing raid, the officer is transferred to the Netherlands. He makes a decision that puts his life in danger: Mengelberg decides to help a family from Drenthe hide people in hiding. Potentially deadly high treason.

From local to international

It’s great boundless treason is that the film was initially made for the Drenthe market. The filmmakers, including director Thomas Nauw, were only counting on a very local theatrical release. He too special effects they were provided by a local Drenthe company. Until the distributor Dutch Film Works suddenly knocked on the door. Martin Ruttenberg, general manager of the Dutch Film Works, told RTV Drenthe that they were very impressed with the film, which was already finished. “We were completely blown away when we heard what budget the movie was shot on. That’s actually not possible at all. A war movie with a much bigger budget might be jealous of this.”

However, several scenes were added, even with the help of director Dennis Bots (war secrets). The result is now offered with an extensive first trailer and a poster. boundless treason opens in theaters on March 30. Everywhere in the Netherlands. But it doesn’t end there: Dutch Film Works is also working on a foreign release, under the title Treason.

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almost at the movies

From a local Drenthe party to an international war movie: hopefully we can boundless treason complete that success story by also scoring substantially. As of March 30, we can find out if the original genesis has actually produced a decent war movie. Meanwhile, read also this entertaining blog from one of the creators. The passion shines.

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Drenthe’s war movie promises to be an amazing success story

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