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Annabel’s ‘lone’ singer, Hans de Booij, appears on First Dates and achieves success | show

met the videoThe singer Hans de Booij (64), who became known in the 1980s with his song Anabel, He suffered a lot from loneliness. She said it on Tuesday night on the Valentine’s broadcast. first dates325,000 viewers watched: “I had a major loneliness attack.”

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Hans de Booij doesn’t really believe in love anymore, but if the singer gives up first dates Because of a friend who doesn’t have to think much. Since De Booij spent eleven days in the hospital with a corona last year and “looked the beast in the mouth”, he says more and more “yes” to things. Fortunately for the pediatric nurse Irma (62) because she was allowed to have a date with the singer, whom she found an ‘attractive man’.

Irma wasn’t fully aware of the singer’s career, but when de Booij says earnestly that he used to have several hits, the penny drops. “How did it go again?” he begins her, after which he begins to sing softly. “Annabel, it won’t work without you, Annabel.” When Irma proudly says that she also likes to make music and has recently started taking ukulele lessons, the ice seems to have broken. Do you also play Dutch songs? So you can too Anabel try it,” joked De Booij.

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Hans de Booij. © NPO 3


However, there is also time for a serious conversation, when De Booij talks about the work he is currently doing. He writes songs about loneliness. I was with a friend in Malta for three months, I had a huge attack of loneliness there. Then I started writing all kinds of things about that feeling.”

When asked by Irma if De Booij considers himself a loner, he decides to share even more of himself. “I am the fifth child of my mother, but when I was born I was an only child. The other four were already dead.” His brother died as a child at the age of 3.5, the other children were stillborn. So the singer grew up alone. “From that loneliness you automatically write songs,” he jokes.

Fortunately, he and Irma don’t seem to have to be alone just yet. The two of them would like to go on a second date together, without cameras. Irma hasn’t finished chatting with Hans yet. “I’d like to know more about what’s going on with you.”

It is not the first time that the artist appears on national television. In November the panel of the RTL 4 program flew secret duets voided as a so-called ‘mystery guest’.

Hans de Booij with his date Irma.
Hans de Booij with his date Irma. © NPO 3

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