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Family Guy angers Russia with a mock episode

Putin can’t laugh at that, but the rest of the world can. Two recent episodes of Family man he made profuse mockery of life in Russia. And, of course, now the call is sounding to ban the cartoon series forever. “Information warfare”, as satire is called there.

Vladimir Putin and Peter Griffin hit each other in a Family man2017 episode still all the way to the pulp. But the limit only seems to have been reached now that even Meg(!) dares to challenge the ideal image of Russian society.

However, Meg is having a great time in Chelyabinsk. During a trip to the gray industrial city of the Urals, the owner of the family falls in love with a hacker, after which she decides to stay. Russian cuisine, dreary architecture, whining poverty, or stifling state control don’t even deter Peter Griffin’s daughter. Better propaganda is not possible, right?

Family Guy angers Russia

Not according to Yana Lantratova, first deputy of the Education Committee of the State Duma, Russia’s lower house. “The artist is entitled to his vision, but this is a deliberately offensive artistic image that has nothing to do with reality. This is a deliberate job done against our country. Information warfare through artistic works. Family man deliberately creates an image of Russia as a country where everyone is unhappy with life, drinks, uses drugs and takes bribes.” Lantratova, according to the Eastern European news agency Following he also calls for the series to be banned.

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The ‘Meg’ of the Russian Parliament (Image:

Mila Kunis, the actress who plays Meg, can at least know if she corresponds to reality. Along with Ashton Kutcher, the Hollywood couple have repeatedly expressed their support for the beleaguered homeland of Family manvoice. He was born in the Ukraine of the then Soviet Union before moving to the United States at the age of 7. Kunis is still fluent in Ukrainian and Russian and it proved itself again.

Both episodes named From Russia with love in adult education formed the finale of the 21st season of the acclaimed cartoon series. And if the series is indeed banned, luckily the Russians can always get the AI ​​version of it. Family man to look.

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Family Guy angers Russia with a mock episode

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