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‘Genee is a gamemaster idiot’

Anyone who likes a good TV ruckus was in luck last Friday. René van der Gijp put Marcel van Roosmalen inside today namely, the fire in the shins. Because what was happening? Hold on tight: Van Roosmalen would be the SAWthe men have noted that they call their friend/colleague Gijs Groenteman ‘Groenteboer’. Today Van Roosmalen responds to the absurd anger in his podcast. Van der Gijp and Genee’s story turns out to be crazy twisted, if the podcasters are to be believed.

on the daily podcast Another day call Groenteman and Van Roosmalen to talk current affairs. The highlight of all this is that this summer the duo SAWtrio replaces in SBS6. Van Roosmalen: “In the hot seats, Wilfred’s spots. Johan himself suggested it, so he thinks everything is fine. But Wilfred and René, that’s a bit more difficult.”

Marcel van Roosmalen: ‘I didn’t know what it was about’

It became painfully clear last Friday that things are not going well between them. Van Roosmalen was really in favor inside today He asked to talk about his book, but things got terribly out of hand. “Gijp started screaming out of the blue,” recalls Van Roosmalen. “To be honest, he didn’t really know what it was about. It was about saying Groentboer and he wouldn’t be able to handle that.”

The journalist dug into his memory, but the penny simply did not fall. “Like I’d pull Wilfred Genee, a man I rarely talk to, aside to say, ‘Could you stop calling Gijs Groenteman Gijs Groenteboer? We are very bad at it.” I tried to say no, but I was completely absorbed in it. I just didn’t get into it at all. I tried to act normal, but anger rose to my neck.

‘Wilfred Genee was furious’

Van Roosmalen now knows what Genee is referring to. It would have happened after an episode with Sander Schimmelpenninck. “Afterwards, Wilfred Genee was furious with everything and everyone. Specifically me. According to the journalist, Genee hates him since he was a columnist in the orange summer. There he dedicated a few phrases to her, while privately and professionally he was criticized for “some mutiny.” “Since then we have had a kind of hate relationship. Every time he sees me, something triggers in him. He was yelling at me to stop pretending that my children had been threatened. “You don’t take other people’s children into account at all!” In that conversation, which was no longer a conversation, because at one point he was yelling, someone from the production said: “You guys, stand between the sets, because it’s going to be very embarrassing.”

According to Van Roosmalen, Genee also said that they did have humor and that she liked that Özcan called Akyol Gijs Groenteman Gijs Groenteboer ‘Eus’. Van Roosmalen responded to this: “I imagine you like a name joke, but to repeat it twenty times with all of us. Not exactly the height of humor. Van der Gijp appears to have been standing behind one of those bulkheads at the time and overheard the conversation, and lo and behold: the cause of Friday’s argument.

Gijs Groenteman responds

Van Roosmalen later says that he told Van der Gijp that he thought it was “ridiculous” how he acted. “He can’t handle that at all,” the journalist said. But Van Roosmalen is more critical of Genee. “He kept insisting that I thought it was terrible. That idiot gamemaster is sitting there pretending the world has ended. While he himself makes a point of everything. It’s such a strange thing when you experience that. You feel assaulted on that stool. You still can’t go anywhere.”

Finally, Groenteman himself wants to make something known to the world. “By this means I want to issue an official statement: I don’t like being called a Greengrocer, but I don’t care either. People can call me Gijs Groenteboer as much as they want.” We know that too.

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Van Roosmalen responds to VI’s fight: ‘Genee is an idiot as a game leader’

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