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Director: David Pastor in Àlex Pastor | Script: David Pastor in Àlex Pastor | Cast: Mario Casas (Sebastian), Alexandra Howard (Anna), Georgina Campbell (Claire), Naila Schuberth (Sophia), Diego Calvo (Octavio), Leonardo Sbaraglia (Wader Stephen), ea | Time to play: 110 minutes | Year: 2023

Any movie buff who really wants to be surprised knows that it’s usually not a good plan to watch trailers beforehand. In their frantic attempts to lure doubtful moviegoers to the theater or to streaming services, trailer makers often reveal too much and reveal half of the movie. Bee Bird box Barcelona something else happens: the trailer arouses interest without showing too much. However, the final film turns out to be a real flop.

Four and a half years ago, the renowned Danish director Susanne Bier treated us to an exciting thriller; a strange duck in the handiwork bite hers. Sandra Bullock played the lead role in the book’s adaptation. bird box, with an emphasis on drama rather than jump scares and gore. visual version of A peaceful place it was a good production for the genre, which was enthusiastically bought up on Netflix and proved that streaming services no longer had to rely on movie productions that were ripe for a second life.

However, there could hardly be a sequel coming soon. Bird box Barcelona hardly to be called that. Spanish director brothers Àlex and David Pastor, who usually guarantee unadulterated Spanish B-horror, start with the premise of mysterious creatures that you cannot look them in the eye. That’s the only link to Bier’s movie. The Shepherds present an entirely new story, about a father and daughter trying to find a safe haven in dystopian Barcelona.

The end times seem to have arrived as suicides are committed around the world, triggered by the sight of these strange creatures. In obligatory flashbacks we get the father and daughter backgrounds. Gradually, they provide a glimpse of the background and the here and now of the two of them. In their search for safety, they encounter fellow sufferers, whom the pastors use as an excuse for over-the-top action scenes only to be slaughtered by the hungry streamer audience.

A religious sauce is added to it, a pinch of quasi-science is added to it, and Papa Sebástian imagines more and more messiahs in his actions, actions and appearances. In terms of setting and characters, it has nothing to do with the first part of 2018. The Shepherds seem to want to get on the name and fame of this Netflix topper. This time he seems to have spared no expense or effort, because Bird box Barcelona it is wider and more grotesque in design. Although after a while the suspicion arises that the characters usually pass through the same desolate and overgrown street in Barcelona. This is a pulp that takes itself way too seriously and it’s an embarrassment to the viewer.

Bird box Barcelona can be seen in Netflix.

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