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Along with a few others, Yalin swindled the Turkish population out of a hundred million lira, but managed to get out anyway. He along with his wife moves to a small town to start a new life. But unfortunately for him, several people live there, who have seen his savings disappear thanks to him, and do not forgive him.

Apparently he’s in Türkiye. Vogue Vogue It’s quite normal to try to kill someone when they’ve done something you’re angry about. Because after a few minutes there is already someone in an antique shop who takes revenge, but commits suicide because Yalin defends himself. He does not call the police, but takes the corpse away to dump somewhere himself.

For a moment it seems to turn into a dramatic thriller about Yalin’s guilt. He is crying about it and even hallucinates that he sees the murdered man. But after that, one of his criminal associates warns him that the prosecutor has said that the slightest violation will put Yalin back behind bars. So it’s mostly about keeping his act hidden from the local police, who are stepping on their necks.

Even with that, the tone of the movie isn’t definitively set. But at least by then it’s clear that this isn’t the best movie. Skillful cinematography maintained that illusion until then, but the script’s clumsiness eventually seeps through. at the last minute ago Vogue Vogue another shot at Parasite ending on a socially critical note, but it remains vague and unclear.

completely appropriate for Vogue Vogue, which is like a ship in a rough sea, there is nowhere to anchor for a character. The focus is almost entirely on Yalin, but one moment he tries to be sympathetic, then no, then yes, then no. Somewhere that never works out anyway, because he’s just someone who has robbed the poor for his money.

This makes the sometimes excruciatingly slow scenes, where you stare pitifully out the window or can’t finish a sentence, exhausting. Like the changing style, which always undermines any tension. The second time someone from the village attacks Yalin it already feels laughable, the third time suddenly it’s deliberately funny. The attack is interspersed with footage from an outdoor concert, where a man in the audience who had fallen asleep regains consciousness. A meta comment on the movie viewer?

Vogue Vogue wants to say something, but what exactly is not clear. The fault of this lies in the bad setting, in which no tonal choice is made and which always tries to arouse different feelings. In the last act there is also a slight twist, with which the character’s motives are still made completely clear through extensive dialogues. Well, by then it doesn’t matter anymore. The biggest surprise at the time is that the movie will still be over 23 minutes long. Because the true mastery is Vogue Vogue yourself.

Vogue Vogue can be seen in Netflix.

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