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How Joaquin Phoenix lost 50 pounds in a short time for Joker

Losing weight in Hollywood is part of the job, and sometimes it has to be extreme. For example, Joaquin Phoenix lost 50 pounds in less than 3 months for his Oscar-winning role as the Joker. Now that the sequel is coming up, with Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, it will again mention apples, lettuce and asparagus. don’t try this at home.

At the request of Joker director Todd Phillips, the actor went on a strict diet. joaquin phoenix appears to have suggested a somewhat more complete Joker, but Todd Philips didn’t envision this. He wanted a “super skinny Joker,” so that meant for the actor that he had to work on a strict diet.

Give up the role of Joker

The entire preparation of the film (and the diet that goes with it) was supervised by a professional and that’s a good thing, because To the people let the actor know that this period was very difficult for him. “I expected extreme weight loss to make me feel dissatisfied, hungry, vulnerable and weak,” he said. “But what I didn’t expect was how weak I felt physically.”

For example, the actor says that he felt that he could move his body in a more smooth way than he was used to. He later used this again in his portrayal of the Joker. “I think he’s become an important part of the character.”

Joaquin Phoenix during filming jester:

Back in his ‘old’ form at the Oscars:

Joaquin Phoenix’s body not only struggled to lose so many pounds in a short time, but his mental health also deteriorated considerably during this period. “It turns out that losing a lot of weight affects your psyche, and you really start to freak out if you lose that much weight in that time,” he says. To the people.

How did Joaquin Phoenix lose 50 pounds?

It is not known exactly with what diet Joaquin Phoenix managed to lose so much weight. And that could be for the better. If you want to lose 50 pounds in a healthy way, it would take you about a year. However, the Joker actor did this in two, three months tops. That’s freakishly quick, and as a precaution, he doesn’t share details about the terror diet and associated workouts.

Apples, lettuce and asparagus

what does the actor do has designated, is that his diet consisted mainly of apples, lettuce and asparagus. There was also a gossip on the internet that the actor would live on an apple a day, but he denies it.

Joker: madness for two

In any case, losing weight was not in vain. The film was a box office success, receiving critical acclaim and two Oscars, including one for Joaquin Phoenix for best actor. No wonder there is a sequel. Joker: madness for two. It will appear on October 4, 2024. Read more here.

lose weight in hollywood

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How Joaquin Phoenix lost 50 pounds in a short time for Joker

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