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Lil Kleine Changes Management From His Wife Ali B | show

Rapper Lil Kleine changes direction after years. He leaves Naman, Nathan Moszkowicz’s management agency, and moves to Spec. Breghje Kommers, the founder of Spec and the wife of Ali B, confirmed this after reporting by show news.

Lil Kleine and Ali B are known, among other things, for their participation in the program The Voice of Holland, where both were coaches. According show news Lil Kleine and Nathan Moszkowicz have reportedly parted ways ‘in good consultation’. Namam could not be reached for comment Thursday afternoon. Kleine’s name is still on the Namam website as of Thursday afternoon.

Currently there are various investigations by the Public Ministry against Jorik Scholten, as is the real name of Lil Kleine. His ex, Jaimie Vaes, has filed a complaint against the rapper for a series of incidents. The OM suspects him of aggression.

‘The most difficult period of his life’

The management agency claimed a month ago that Namam never left Scholten. “On the contrary: we continued to support him on a personal level during the most difficult period of his life, last year.”

Vaes was also previously with Namam and accused the agency of having considered Scholten’s interests more important than his interests surrounding the incidents. Moszkowicz’s office has never responded to those allegations.

Statements Ali B.

After Ali B was accused of sexually offending behavior by multiple women last January, he quit his job as an artist, businessman, and partner at Spec management agency. Multiple allegations of rape and one of assault were made against the rapper. A rape case is dismissed because no criminal offenses have been established. Therefore, Ali B will be prosecuted for three other crimes. One of those three things is related to Holland’s voiced, where Ali B was a coach for a long time.

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