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Coldeweijer shares a conversation with Jaimie Vaes after Lil Kleine’s violent incident: ‘Head in the door’ | show

TO UPDATEYvonne Coldeweijer has posted online the phone conversation she had with Jaimie Vaes after the infamous violent incident with Lil Kleine on Wednesday night. She did so in response to the news that the Public Ministry has decided to stop suspecting Lil Kleine of aggravated assault. “On the sound recording you can hear that I was deliberately told that her head was at the door.”

It became clear Wednesday afternoon that Lil Kleine is no longer a suspect for attempted aggravated assault. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has adjusted the suspicion after some statements by his ex Jaimie Vaes. “Now it is about ordinary abuse,” says a spokesman for the Public Ministry. Therefore, the rapper is still being prosecuted.

Later in the day it was also revealed that Vaes himself had leaked the footage to Yvonne Coldeweijer. She appears to show that she was in a cramped position at a car door. It was originally assumed that her head was between them, but that has been disputed. Coldeweijer therefore decided to go public with the conversation he had with Vaes when he shared images with her.

In the conversation, Vaes can be heard asking the gossip queen for help. He wants the footage of the incident released as soon as possible. ,, I gave the man so many chances, but he just doesn’t want to learn. I said: he plays one more time and that’s it.”

Coldeweijer asks twice in the conversation if the reality star is sure. “If I don’t do this now, I’ll never get rid of it,” Vaes replies. “He did a whole album ibiza stories, but all over my back. I’m awake, I’m done. Normally I would never have done this. It takes everything from me. I have to get out of the house now.

Was Jaimie Vaes’s head stuck in the car door?

When Coldeweijer asks if Vaes is behind the door, she herself does not answer, but Willem Glas, a friend of hers, does. “Yes, with my head,” she says. That is not contradicted. “He walks away, closes the door,” Vaes continues. She claims on her own terms that she was subsequently kicked out of the car. She still doesn’t know if she will press charges. Coldeweijer adds that “everyone will be involved when it’s online.” But according to Vaes there is no going back.

Lil Kleine, whose real name is Jorik Scholten, was arrested last February after the images surfaced. However, the reality star’s statement would show that his head was not stuck between the car door. That story would have taken on a life of its own for her, but it stems from the phone conversation she herself had. Shortly after the February incident, Vaes broke up with Scholten.

Statement by Jaimie Vaes

Jaimie Vaes’ attorney Kim Beumer told this site early Wednesday that “Jaimie hasn’t weakened anything.” “This is a consideration that the Public Ministry must make. Jaimie issued a statement and filed a report. But if after that report, the Public Ministry now decides that the charges should be weakened, that’s up to them. We’re pretty outraged about that, by the way. The images speak for themselves.”

The OM previously reported that the rapper is suspected of attempted aggravated assault and/or assault. The Public Ministry is still investigating the incident. Lil Kleine can still be sued.

Recently, both ex-lovers have already appeared twice in court: once for the distribution of a series of expensive items and another for a visitation arrangement that Lil Kleine demands for his son Lío (3). Now agreements have been made about her son.

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