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Matthijs de Ligt marries Annekee Molenaar, who still had many doubts after the first date | show

with photoOrange defender and Bayern Munich player Matthijs de Ligt (23) is marrying his girlfriend Annekee Molenaar (23). The footballer has proposed to the former model.

“She said yes!” De Ligt exults on Instagram with a photo in which he holds his future wife. De Ligt proposed to her during the summer vacation. It is not known where the footballer got to his knees. Beneath the photo, congratulations from well-known friends and colleagues like Anna Nooshin and Jessie Jazz Vuijk immediately rain down.

Annekee Molenaar is the daughter of former footballer Keje Molenaar. She and De Ligt met more than four years ago. “My best friend posted a picture of us together on her Instagram and you saw her,” Molenaar recalled in a double interview with her friend on Fashion. De Ligt: “Oh yeah, and then we went to dinner in Amsterdam.”

He became a pizza at Sotto restaurant, but only after flirting a lot through Instagram and WhatsApp. “I immediately thought you were very beautiful and interesting,” De Ligt said. “After that first date, I was really over the moon. (…) In addition to being beautiful, I also found her intelligent and sweet. She impressed me.” Molenaar felt fewer butterflies. “I wasn’t immediately sure. That first date was fun, but he wasn’t sure if there was more to it than friendship. We got along very well, but that was it.”

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“When to finally kiss?”

Molenaar was also overly cautious. ,,I thought: is he finally going to kiss me or not!? He didn’t kiss me until the third date. In my bedroom in Broek in Waterland, with my parents downstairs in the living room. He needed to feel a certain tickle in his stomach. Know: sparks are involved here”. He now he calls love ‘rock solid and forever’.

They had only been together for seven months when they moved to Turin, where Matthijs was playing for Juventus at the time. He made them grow up fast. “We feel more mature than many of our peers,” Molenaar said. “I notice that sometimes other people are wrong too. So they ask: are you getting married yet, when will you have children? Hello, I think we are still very young, you know?

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Ice Princess and Rabbit

A yoga and Pilates enthusiast, Annekee is now a law student (she wrote a thesis on transfers in the world of soccer), but has been a model since she was sixteen. She stopped doing it last year. Molenaar has been on the list of men’s magazines for years FHM with the 500 ‘most beautiful women’ of the Netherlands. Molenaar noticed that there was an image of her that she didn’t recognize herself in, from ‘princess and ice rabbit’.

“I really enjoyed it, but I hated that it was all about my appearance,” she said of her modeling career. “It makes it pretty hard for young girls in that world to learn to love themselves, just the way they are, imperfections and all.”

She continued, “Even now I don’t like it when young girls send me a private message ‘you’re perfect’. I don’t want to give girls the feeling that they have to live up to some ideal. No, I’m not perfect and I’m not it is the life I lead. And you don’t have to.”

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