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Netflix arrives this week with 18 new series including the exciting ‘Manifesto’

It will be an unprecedented full week on Netflix with many new and popular series.

Below is the weekly roundup with the top three series highlighted, including a trailer.

It appears in: 30 months
Gender: Comedy
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: In this series of sketches, Tim Robinson and his guests try to get someone to leave in each segment so they want to or have to leave.

riverdale (season 7 – episode 10)

It appears in: June 1
Gender: Crime / Drama / Mystery
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: As he discovers the difficulties of romance, school, and family, Archie and his gang become entangled in the dark mysteries of Riverdale.

Manifest (season 4 – episode 11 – 20)

It appears in: June 2nd
Gender: Drama / Mystery / Science Fiction
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: A commercial airliner suddenly reappears after being missing for five years. As everyone on board tries to reintegrate into society, they experience mysterious voices and visions of events to come, and a much deeper mystery soon unfolds.

Other new series on Netflix

Below are the other series appearing on Netflix this week.

May 29: vinland saga (Season 2 – Episode 21) – Animation/Action/Adventure – Thorfinn sets out on a quest to find his father’s killer to take revenge and duel him and end his life in an attempt to be an honorable warrior and honor his father.

30 months: town of love (Season 1 – Episode 16-18) – Reality TV / Romance – Sixteen singles move to a mountain house to see if love reigns in a peaceful and idyllic environment.

31 mei: doctor cha (season 1 – episode 5-6) – Drama – Twenty years after leaving the world of medicine, a housewife returns to the profession. She must find her place in a job full of surprises.

24 mei: new school (season 2 – episode 8) – Music / Reality TV – French rappers battle and seal their way to a life-changing prize of 100,000 euros in a music competition with Niska, Shay and SCH as judges.

31 mei: Fake profile (Season 1) – Drama/Romance/Thriller – Camila meets her prince through a dating app. After an idyllic romance, she wants to surprise him, only to find herself trapped in a false paradise.

May 31 and June 1: the good bad mother (season 1 – episode 11-12) – Comedy/Crime/Drama – An ambitious prosecutor is left with the mental faculties of a boy after a tragic accident, forcing him and his mother to try to repair their relationship.

31 mei: The Ultimatum: Queer Love (Season 1 – Episode 5-8) – Reality TV – Female and non-binary couples are followed for eight weeks as they prepare for an ultimatum: one person is ready to marry, the other is not.

June 1: new amsterdam (Season 3) – Drama – Eccentric Dr. Max Goodwin takes over as director at one of America’s oldest hospitals and kicks holy cows to save patients’ lives.

June 1: at full speed (season 1 and 2) – Drama – Four fathers meet in a sandbox and decide to spend their ‘dad’s day’ together every week from then on.

June 1: The days (Season 1) – Drama/History/Thriller – Guilty to some, heroes to others, but everyone involved in Fukushima Daiichi faced a deadly and invisible threat: an unprecedented nuclear disaster.

June 2nd: Ladle (Season 1) – Biography/Crime/Drama – The murder of a journalist sends a crime reporter seeking justice into a web that intertwines Mumbai’s police, media and underworld.

June 2nd: valerie (Season 3) – Adventure/Comedy/Drama – A writer in creative and marital crisis receives help from three friends, who are also discovering themselves. Based on the novels by Elísabet Benavent.

June 2nd: Vortex (Season 1) – Crime/Drama/Fantasy – Thanks to new technology, police officers will be able to put themselves at the crime scene in 2025, through virtual reality. When police officer Ludovic uses virtual reality to investigate a case, he finds out more than he bargained for.

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