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reviewNetflix’s Flemish-Dutch thriller Noise it’s all mystery. It’s not just the plot about an influencer trying to unravel a dark family secret. A much bigger mystery is that someone once greenlit this poorly written movie and it is currently a hit on the well-known streaming service.


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    Psychological thriller

What does and doesn’t score on Netflix is ​​an equally difficult puzzle to figure out. Most of the movies and series are usually fixed without a prior campaign. So the company rarely shares ratings, unless there is a roaring success. That also makes it a purely democratic model. South Korea series squid game it became an unmissable global phenomenon purely by word of mouth.

Why is the Benelux product Noise has gotten almost as many clicks as the four-time Oscar-winning war movie in less than a week nothing new in the west (and it’s under the heading ‘trend’)? Is that on the sexy poster? Do people only look at what’s “hot”? Or are we being grandly manipulated by Netflix, because we can’t control it anyway? Anyway, the reactions are not cute. With social media taglines like: ‘we’ll never get that hour and a half back’, you’re flying.

Sprinkle with horror effects

In Noise Hungry influencer Matthias (Ward Kerremans) lives with his girlfriend Liv (Sallie Harmsen) and their newborn son on a beautiful estate near a shuttered factory once owned by his now-insane father. As he delves into the story of the bankrupt company, Matthias falls under the spell of a conspiracy. The film is quickly peppered with horror effects like hauntings and a basement floor that breathes (literally, yes). The viewer must now keep in mind that short nights with a crying baby break our main character. Are they delusions?

Friend Liv watches passively. She never asks him what she got herself into, whereas Matthias just shares everything online. His followers can sometimes even see him freaking out live. It’s one of the many plot holes that makes you laugh. During the finale, according to the producers, “hot topics like dementia, postpartum psychosis in a father, and social influence gathered’. This interesting act is not convincing at all. Nothing lands. Plus, most viewers will have long since fallen asleep no matter how many times we hear that baby squeal.

The crazy thing is that the direction is quite elegant, the visuals atmospheric and the performances very good. The script is the weak link here. Noise it is mainly a curiosity. The creators tried to make the best out of this messy job. Because yes, that Netflix is ​​​​an international stage of I have you there.

Director: Steffen Geypens. Main roles: Sallie Harmsen, Ward Kerremans, Johan Leyen and Jesse Mensah

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