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It is the question that has preoccupied humanity for centuries: is friendship between a man and a woman possible without sex becoming a killjoy? There is already a classic feature film about this fact, when harry met sally (1989), in which the leads Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan constantly struggle with this problem.

Also in the romantic comedy television series. Platonic Apple TV+ is called this movie. But one of Will’s friends, a brewer with his own pub, thinks the movie should be called When Harry Fucks Sally, because he thinks the two of them sleep together. Will, a charming Seth Rogen role, doesn’t even consider this option when he runs into his platonic old school friend Sylvia (Rose Byrne) after years.

Will is newly divorced and Sylvia, a retired lawyer, runs a busy family but isn’t feeling well. She tries to comfort Will about her failed relationship, but she does it mostly out of curiosity, not compassion.

The reunion threatens to become a short-lived drama, but the friendship blossoms again through fits and starts. At first, the differences seem to have become too great. Will, with his collection of weird T-shirts, is an aging hipster, while Sylvia is surprised to have become such a middle-class housewife that she regrets leaving her career behind.

the attraction of Platonic it is the interaction between the two main characters who support each other in moments of crisis. The two build a bond of trust that goes beyond Sylvia’s relationship with her husband. The humor keeps both friends active even though some of the excesses are risky, especially when Sylvia is administered a dangerous drug.

The ten episodes of Platonic fly by. Complications too. Will gets a girlfriend too young and Sylvia goes back to work as a lawyer with colleagues who are from a completely different generation and whose language she doesn’t speak. It doesn’t matter if Will and Sylvia ever get under the covers together. This is friendship through thick and thin.

Platonic – SERIES (USA-2023) – Legend: Seth Rogen (Will), Rose Byrne (Sylvia) © TMDB

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