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Oscar winner surpasses The Lord of the Rings with megarecord

Everything everywhere at once made history last night. The absurd comedy won no less than seven Oscars, including the Oscar of the Oscars: Best Picture. Lead actress Michelle Yeoh also won the gold statuette for best Principal actress. Top Scorer is officially the most awarded movie of all time. Ever.

“For all the little boys and girls who look like me and are watching tonight, this is a beacon of hope and possibility,” Yeoh, 60, said in her acceptance speech. “This is proof that dreams do come true. And ladies… don’t let anyone tell you that you’re past your peak.”

The Best Oscar Movies of All Time

From millionaire slum dog, the dramatic film that dominated the Oscars in 2008, no film has managed to win as many of the coveted statuettes. Slum Dog Millionaire took home eight.

since then alone injured locker came close, with six statuettes in 2010. The all the time record is in the hands of ben howwhich won no fewer than eleven Oscars in 1960. A few that only Titanic in The Lord of the rings managed to match.

Everything Everywhere at Once Best Movie Prime Video
???? (Image: A24)

Everything everywhere at once

However, it is Everything everywhere at once the big winner, especially when you walk away. According to calculations by the American website IGN, the absurd comedy is the most awarded film in the history of… cinema. Even before the Oscars they calculated that the film during the current awards season It has already added 158 awards. With that The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King widely toppled from the throne. That movie had 101.

Also defeats in terms of nominations Everything everywhere at once the competition. At the time of calculation, the film had been nominated 295 times for a film award, where Peter Jackson’s film had to do so 189 times. Last night, that was added to by another seven Oscars.

multiverse roller coaster ride

It should be clear: Everything everywhere at once definitely worth checking out. Forget all those (arbitrary) prices and you’ll still have a refreshing one multiverseroller coaster ride from a movie. TO helpless, made by a small team, which nevertheless manages to make a big impression. A film that shows that Hollywood is not alone for that sure play and you can still surprise.

And again a big feather in the background of A24, an independent film production and distribution company that time and time again manages to present unique gems of films to the world. Meanwhile, his Wikipedia page reads like an award winner. greatest hitswatch list Curious where Everything everywhere at once more about and where you can stream it? We explain it to you in this article.

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Oscar winner surpasses The Lord of the Rings with megarecord

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