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The Way of Water surpasses Harry Potter and Black Panther

Avatar: The Path of Water is heading towards its ‘impossible’ goal and has broken into the top fifteen of the greatest films of all time. Harry Potter has been dethroned.

Half of Hollywood is watching the movie numbers with bated breath. Avatar: The Path of Water watch closely. Not surprisingly, James Cameron himself calls his film “the worst business case in the history of cinema.” According to the TitanicThe director must make his sequel at least $2 billion to break even.

The Camino del Agua does the impossible

So the bar is extremely high, especially considering that Cameron has three more Avatar movies planned. A schedule that depends on the success of the path of water. Too tall? Perhaps, but for now the 68-year-old filmmaker doesn’t have to throw in the towel just yet.

Avatar: The Path of Water so far it’s going very well. After a lucrative opening weekend of theaters, the very expensive film has continued to win. In fact, the path of water it is now among the fifteen best films of all time. World. So we are talking purely about the box officemovie sales.

harry potter defeated

Cameron doesn’t top the slightest movie with it. the path of water because it has Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 kicked out of the top fifteen. An exclusive list that included the Potter film for eleven years. In fact, there is now not a single Harry Potter movie in the top fifteen movies of all time. Perhaps a good reason for Warner Bros. to finally continue with the new movies.

Anyway, back to Avatar. The film now ranks fourteenth, with a worldwide turnover of $1.4 billion. Fifteenth, as a closing door, is Black Panther. Yes, that Disney mega-hit has already caught up with Cameron. It is that we are all focused on the fact that $2 billion was needed and that the path of water so it was incredibly expensive to make, but other than that the movie is already a huge success.

Giant movie flop remains a huge success on Disney+ and surpasses Avatar

the way is open

Also, the 3D movie still has a lot of room to achieve its goal. The cinema agenda will be remarkably empty in the coming weeks. There are no other giant blockbusters that can beat the spotlights can steal Consumers who were busy during the holidays can also watch the movie. In other words, there is a good chance that the path of water you’re really going to rack up your absurd necessary sales volume.

For now it’s just a matter of waiting. Disney can already put the champagne cold. Eleven of the fifteen best movies of all time come from the entertainment giant’s stable. Yes, the House of Mouse still dominates the movie industry.

Avatar 2 The Way of Water Disney James Cameron
(Image: Disney)

Avatar 3 goes by fire

In avatar 3? It is already planned for the end of 2024. So we don’t have to wait more than ten years again. Cameron already has the third film in his series right after the path of water included. The filmmaker recently revealed in an interview that the upcoming movie will take us to a whole new setting on Pandora, where we’ll meet the Fire Na’Vi, or the ‘ash people.’ So from water to fire. Bring it on Disney!

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Avatar: The Way of Water beats Harry Potter and Black Panther

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