Quentin Tarantino thinks these movies are a waste of time

There was recently an article on FilmTotal about Quentin Tarantino. The beloved director, known, among other things, for Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds in the hateful eight, then shared a list of her favorite B-movies. She’s now she’s talking about the movies you shouldn’t waste your time on.

Tarantino is known as a huge movie connoisseur and has seen thousands of movies in his life. He normally talks about projects that are more than worth it, but of course he’s seen some flops, too. He now he warns us not to waste time with the movies below.

groundhog day
Even though this is a beloved movie, Tarantino doesn’t really like it. The director has previously stated that he’s not a big fan of “feel good” comedies and that he doesn’t really like Bill Murray.

As Tarantino says: “Interesting characters are not always funny and vice versa.“. The director also thinks it seems forced how Murray’s character becomes a good person in the end. According to him, the focus is on the study here, without making Murray’s story really interesting. Watch the trailer below .

Natural Born Killers
Interestingly, Tarantino himself took part in this project. He wrote the script before Oliver Stone started working on it. Even though Stone kept the most important part of the story intact, and Tarantino is listed in the credits as one of the writers, Stone made some adjustments.

As a result, Tarantino has already announced that he wants nothing to do with the film anymore. Necessary moviegoers say Stone tried to make a Tarantino movie without understanding what a Tarantino movie is.

The Hunger Games
While the Hunger Games is a blockbuster franchise, Tarantino is definitely not a fan of it. The reason for this? According to the director, it is a copy of real battle 2000. This Japanese film is one of Tarantino’s ‘all-time favourites’, so he regrets that this film is not getting enough attention.

As Tarantino says: “‘The Hunger Games’ is based on Suzanne Collins’ 2008 book. She has always said that she was not inspired by ‘Battle Royale’. Even though the story is almost identical, Collins has always said that she has never seen ‘Battle Royale’…

Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolution
The first Matrix movie is arguably one of the best movies of all time, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the sequels. Tarantino feels the same. Matrix was his favorite movie (after real battle) but the aftermath ruined this for him.

When the second Matrix movie came out, called ReloadedTarantino’s also came Kill Bill: Volume One since. The director feared that his movie would not be a success because of this, but when he saw the second Matrix movie for himself, he put all his worries aside. Tarantino immediately realized that the sequels couldn’t match the original.

the mcu
Many great directors have already stated that they are not fans of all superhero movies. This includes Tarantino. Even though he was a big fan of superheroes as a teenager, he now thinks it’s all become too much. You can read more about this here.

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