Quentin Tarantino uses these tricks in almost all his movies

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most talked about film directors of recent years. His films, therefore, always have something recognizable; that’s a tarantino We list the most common tricks that the director uses in almost all of his films.

eat in scenes
There isn’t a single Tarantino movie that doesn’t include food in at least one scene. In Inglourious Basterds we see a dinner, in pulp fiction we see Honey Bunny and Pumpkin in a restaurant and then there is still dinner in the controversial django unchained.

Anyone who has seen at least two films by the iconic director will see that Tarantino is a bit of a footsie. His foot fetish is also a regular occurrence, as in once upon a time in hollywood in death proof.

Shots from the trunk
The image of the trunk appears regularly in Tarantino’s films. The iconic scene from Pulp Fiction with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson is one of them, but also in it reserve dogs we see it happen.

non-linear stories
Tarantino’s most famous film technique is in timelines. Often they just cross each other. That was made clear in his great opportunity with pulp fictionbut we also saw it jackie brown.

regular colleagues
Tarantino has a handful of actors or actresses that he likes to work with and that is reflected in his repertoire. For example, Samuel L. Jackson contributed to pulp fictionbut we also saw the actor again django unchained, jackie brown in the hateful eight (to name a few). Tarantino also enjoys working with Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel and Uma Thurman (and his daughter Maya Hawke on once upon a time in hollywood!).

References to other movies.
Quentin Tarantino is a film buff first and a director second. That love for cinema splashes across the screen in every movie. It’s not entirely surprising that he regularly refers to older movies. so it derives reserve dogs the plot of the movie Kansas City Confidential forks django unchained Inspired by mandingo.

Fictitious Trademarks
Invented brands are common in the Tarantino universe. For example, the fast food chain Kahuna Burger first appeared in reserve dogsbut let’s look at this again pulp fiction. Then there are also the legendary Red Apple Cigarettes for which Rick Dalton himself (Leonardo DiCaprio) did a commercial in once upon a time in hollywood.

Tarantino Cinematic Universe
With many films in his oeuvre, the film director has truly built his own universe. Sometimes Tarantino uses characters twice in different movies or other characters are related in some way (like Vic Vega in reserve dogs in Vincent Vega in pulp fiction).

violence and blood
This is what makes a Tarantino movie real. There are plenty of iconic battle scenes or epic carnage. By kill bill to django unchained: Violence is not in vain the director’s trademark.

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