Recensie Book Club: The Next Chapter

Director: Account holder | Script: Erin Simms, Bill Holderman | Cast: Jane Fonda (Vivian), Diane Keaton (Diane), Candice Bergen (Sharon), Mary Steenburgen (Carol), Don Johnson (Arthur), Andy Garcia (Mitchell), Craig T. Nelson (Bruce), Hugh Quarshie (Ousmane), hey | Time to play: 107 minutes | Year: 2023

sitcoms the golden girls already proved that audiences can get a good laugh at older women who call themselves whores, so it came as no surprise that the feature film book club he did it well. Despite their fame, the four main actresses unfortunately don’t have the roles to take, but they visibly enjoy their collaboration, so let’s make a sequel where they can go crazy over dirty jokes about, among other things, the reason behind someone Knee surgery

Diane, Carol, Sharon and Vivian continue their book talks during the coronavirus lockdown, but once it’s over, the ladies long to be outdoors. Carol reminds them of an old wish from the group to go to Italy, and since it has been proposed to Vivian, she is also a stag party. Sitting on each other’s lips with all four of them makes them more aware of each other’s features. It is time to point it out.

In the previous part, reading 50 Shades of Gray wreaked havoc on the four bibliophiles. This led to several happy endings. This can be seen in this second part in which there is very little conflict; ladies have a good life. As a result, most of Book Club: The Next Chapter mostly a cozy adventure in Tuscany with plenty of jokes.

Many jokes. Obvious banter, but the kind of humor friends have with each other – it feels recognizable and you can certainly laugh out loud. He is very much brainwashed, like when Carol says how much she craved Chef Gianni’s legendary balls. You know how others are going to react to that, and they do.

And good too, because they are four seasoned Hollywood icons who seem to be having a good time together. Maybe Candice Bergen’s interpretation of jokes is a bit slow due to her slow way of talking, but that’s age. You can restart it from murphy brown it may have broken, but between three other old ladies it doesn’t interfere with the rhythm here.

All four characters are rich. The fact that they get their bags stolen is not a very dramatic problem, but the fact that they can buy new (expensive) clothes in an instant makes it a rant about nothing. That same night they dine in an exclusive restaurant with a beautiful view and delicious food. Conflicts are not only minor, they are also quickly resolved.

But that certainly doesn’t make the movie boring. The abundance of jokes and the sunny Italian atmosphere keep the momentum going. Rome and Venice may not be shot very carefully, and Florence even has to make do with helicopter shots, but that’s better than the previous film, which even shot a scene on a terrace in front of a green screen in the study. .

Actually, the last act is the least interesting. There is no climax, but there is less room for necessary jokes now that the plot has to be completed. A primer on screenwriting says that not-too-flashy predictability is acceptable because it makes the viewer feel smart. It seems that the writers of Book Club: The Next Chapter they have used this rule, because the end can be seen coming a mile away.

It’s just a nice reunion between four actresses who have been around for a long time and have managed to keep their careers alive. Those who remain seated for the credits will also be treated to an upbeat country pop song sung by the group (no clip of which can be found at the moment). A fitting icing on four deliciously foul-mouthed old cakes.

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