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no, he said no shaken not stirred. But Scottish actor Richard Madden has dropped such a big hint with a clip on Instagram that fans are convinced he’s going to be the next James Bond. He takes a sip of the secret agent’s favorite drink, a Martini, and tells his colleague Stanley Tucci that he thinks it’s “delicious.”

Not much happens in the Madden and Tucci short. The two have a glass with a Martini in front of them, they toast with it and take a sip. Madden then indicates that he finds it ‘delicious’ and then the actors start together on the American action series. Citadel play laugh However, these images have already generated 200,000 likes in three days and are highly commented on social media.

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007 fans are therefore convinced it’s a clue. The video is inundated with comments that Madden, who is also in game of Thrones you could see, must be the new Bond. Madden’s age, he’s 36, also seems to correspond somewhat with what the creators want. Previously, the names of Idris Elba (50) and Tom Hardy (45) were almost excluded, because they would be too old. James Bond producer Michael G. Wilson indicated that the new action hero should be around 30 years old.

no time to die (2021) was the most recent Bond film. Daniel Craig then played the role of James Bond. He was the seventh actor to take on the role of 007 in the Official Film Series since 1962. Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, David Niven and Sean Connery previously played the iconic character.

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