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Hollywood king Tom Hanks picks the next James Bond

The big question of life who will be the next James Bond also keeps the mood busy in Hollywood. Even Tom Hanks has his thoughts on the intriguing subject.

The question of who will succeed Daniel Craig as the next James Bond keeps one’s mind occupied. In England in particular, the tabloids are full of predictions, speculation and analysis by self-proclaimed experts. The bookmakers also make it pretty much down to a science, including weekly updated rankings.

Who is the next James Bond?

Lists that also generate a flood of articles and digital commotion. Big names like Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Henry Cavill are in the betting shops boxing against each other, without them having anything to do with it. And, what is more important: without being based on anything. Both the casting chief and the producer behind the 007 movies have made it clear on several occasions that the search for the new James Bond hasn’t even begun. Or are they just trying to keep the press out and the candidate is filtered through a juice channel right?

The answer to that question will be a long time coming. Meanwhile, virtually every big name in Hollywood is being asked about the matter. Now it is the turn of Tom Hanks, the favorite of the public,’the nicest guy in Hollywood’. Of Forrest Gumpthe actor is working on a promotional round. This time not for a movie, but for his new book, The Making of Another Great Cinematic Masterpiece.

Tom Hanks nominated for Idris Elba

However, during an interview with BBC News, attention briefly shifted from the book to England’s biggest problem: who will be the next James Bond? Hanks was asked his opinion, and his answer is surprisingly clear: “You have to understand that James Bond is a license to kill has. I would recommend Idris Elba license only because of the work that I have seen him do.”

With that, the 66-year-old actor doesn’t exactly present the most unique nomination. Idris Elba has been at the top of the ranking for years betting shops. The British tabloids also do not skimp on rumors about the Luther actor and his alleged links to James Bond. However, at 49, Elba has nearly ten more years left on the role, especially when you look at the previously revealed requirements of the 007 producers. They’re looking for someone in their thirties who they can get by for a while.

Idris Elba James Bond 007
Idris Elba in Luther (Image: BBC)

What does Elba herself say about it?

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal last year, Idris Elba stressed that he has “zero opinion on who should play James Bond. I think he’s going to be very well cast, and I’m looking forward to whoever he wants him to be. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see James Bond.”

Earlier this year, Luther: The Fallen Sun was released, in which Luther turns down a martini. Elba told the Radio Times: “My Bond audition? Oh my god no! I’ve been saying for years no… The martini scene is a bit brutal, isn’t it? He also indicated around the release of that film that he already has his own Luther Link. In addition, he told The Guardian at the time that he is extremely close to Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the producers behind the James Bond films, but who never offered him the role: “I can’t speak for them, But from my perspective, none of that has been true. It’s a compliment and an honor, but it’s not the truth.”

Without Marvel and DC

So no, the chances of Tom Hanks getting away with it seem slim to none. Suppose we were talking about DC superhero movies, Idris Elba could have played an older James Bond, in a sandy spin-off of conventional films. As the Joker it also had a different Joker than the main DC movies. However, this is James Bond, not a movie factory à la Marvel and DC. People are looking for a face for years to come, a search that, if we are to believe the bigwigs, hasn’t even started yet…

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Hollywood king Tom Hanks nominates the next James Bond

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