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Tom Hanks is going to write the history of cinema with deepfakes

Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis are going to make movie history with Herean ambitious adaptation of a comic strip for which they break fake deeptechnology will be implemented.

Google already has an AI that can generate musical pieces and entire recordings. Dall-E turns us all into artists, and Meta, the parent company of Facebook, can already generate videos using artificial intelligence. The implications for virtually every industry imaginable are enormous. It should not be overlooked.

AI is conquering Hollywood

The same goes for Hollywood. Will all the kids soon be able to see themselves in the latest animated Disney movie? Launch Disney+, take a selfie with your smartphone, and artificial intelligence will do the rest.

In fact, deep fakes they are already used for ‘real’ movies and series. For example, think of the young Luke Skywalker in the mandalorian the second season. Or Bruce Willis, who can go on acting forever thanks to technology.

Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks

Soon AI will steal the show on the big screen too. It’s not the first time, but on a scale and with such big names that you can safely call it a milestone. So we are talking about Here, a new film by Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright. The 70-year-old director has previously presented such classics as Return to the future in chewing gumoff In any case, he works very regularly with Hanks. Last year, for example, they delivered the lousy together. pinocchioremake for Disney.

Now they are working together on an adaptation of Here, an acclaimed graphic novel by Richard McGuire that follows two protagonists over an extended period of time, set in the same location. A typical Zemeckis project, at the Forrest Gump. Both Robin Wright and Tom Hanks will also play younger versions of themselves, using artificial intelligence. deep fakes.

here movie
graphic novel (Image: Pantheon Books)

live metaphysics

The company behind the technology used is Metaphysics Live, which is also behind the absurdly convincing deep fakes by Tom Cruise, and recently resurrected Elvis america’s got talent. Metaphysic says it uses its AI tool to “work hyper-realistic AI-generated facial replacements and rejuvenations into the fabric of your stories.”

What makes Metaphysics technology so innovative is that it works in real time. It is not a trick that is applied later by one special effectsstudy, such as that of Martin Scorsese the Irish was the case. Therefore, the actors Tom Hanks and Robin Wright can immediately see during the recordings what their performances will eventually look like. they are entering real time rejuvenated to thirty frames per second.

Here’s an intriguing concept

Nice all that innovative technology, but also the history of Here sounds intriguing. The comic of the same name came out in 2010 and is 300 pages long, but is based on a 1989 six-page comic. The entire story takes place in a specific corner of a room, in a nondescript house that doesn’t matter a corner. What makes the comic so special is that the author shows you that corner through time, from billions of years ago to thousands of years in the future.

That sounds as ambitious as it is vague, but with the team behind Forrest Gump everything on board indicates that Robert Zemeckis can pull it off. In 2024 we will find out if the deepfake technology and intriguing story are really as impressive as the team claims. Here is scheduled for that year.

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Tom Hanks will write the history of cinema with innovative deepfakes

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