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It’s no fun being called James Bond, as this documentary proves

What would it really be like to be called James Bond? That simple question has an intriguing documentary called the other partner delivered.

British bookmakers and tabloids stumble to reveal the new James Bond. If we believe the rumors, in a few weeks we will know who will be the successor to Daniel Craig.

Who will be the next James Bond?

Audience favorite Idris Elba has already parted ways with the role. A choice he emphasized again this week, during a promotion round for the new lutherNetflix movie: “A lot of people are talking about another character that starts with a ‘J’ and ends with a ‘B’, but I’m not going to be that guy. I’m going to be John Luther. That is what I am!”

Henry Cavill also seems too busy with other big franchises. That leaves one major choice that, according to a popular juice channel on Instagram, wowed Bond producer Barbara Broccoli during a secret audition:
Aaron Taylor Johnson. He has the age, the acting chops and, not unimportantly, the aspect.

the other partner

For now, it’s still prudent to take all those rumors and speculation with a big grain of salt. We will find out who will be the next James Bond. But some men are already James Bond. I already called James Bond. And that is precisely a fact about which an Australian director has made a complete documentary.

the other partner is a new documentary from filmmaker Matthew Bauer. “It’s both a curse and a blessing,” said one of the men in the documentary. So the movie follows men who actually go by the name of James Bond. “What would it be like to share your name with a legendary movie spy?”

The real James Bond

Uh, we hadn’t thought of that yet, but here goes the other partner so make a change. The trailer and synopsis promise a “spirited exploration of masculine identity through the lives, personalities and adventures of a diverse group of men, real men from around the world who share the same name: James Bond. This documentary is “the untold story of the real James Bond”.

Filmmaker Matthew Bauer makes his debut as a film director with this powerful documentary, after a series of films bermuda. What would it really be like to be called James Bond? That simple thought has taken me on a figurative and literal journey across the world for several years, producing a host of completely different and fascinating stories.”

Now available (and great scores!)

Bauer himself admits right away that he’s trying to smartly respond to the 60th anniversary of the Bond movies and all the speculation about who the new 007 will be. the other partner it’s worth it even without those marketing gimmicks.

The documentary is available digitally from February 17. The documentary has also received a theatrical release in America and Australia. On IMDb the James Bond documentary scores a 7.8, on Rotten Tomatoes the film scores a 100 percentafter eight revisions.

Former James Bond nominates ‘perfect successor’ Daniel Craig

The other documentary companion of James Bond 007
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It’s no fun being called James Bond, as this documentary proves

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