Review Anna Nicole Smith: You don’t know me [Netflix]

Director: Ursula Macfarlane | Time to play: 116 minutes | Year: 2023

I still remember the joke like it was yesterday, Jay Leno’s monologue during the tonight show: “Anna Nicole Smith and her husband have safe sex. He gets her something from the safe, they have sex.” Being married to an elderly billionaire, that’s where the sex bomb comes from Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult was known for. Not his modeling or acting. And of course he had to be a gold digger. This documentary about her seems to clear that up. But is it wise to pay attention to these kinds of people?

Anna Nicole Smith immediately attracted attention when the fashion brand Guess added her to its advertising campaign, an attraction among several stars of the modeling elite. Her celebrity was launched with the help of Playboy and Hollywood. But the tabloids really went wild when she married a very old rich man. Anna Nicole Smith: You don’t know me it shows how he got to that point and what happened next until his death at the age of thirty-nine. This review contains spoilers.

Shame when someone dies so young, even if it’s from something they did to themselves. And of that there is no doubt: no one else was to blame for her death but Anna Nicole Smith herself. Her mother is someone who doesn’t come into the picture to give her opinion until the very end, but when she appears through an interview she did when she was alive, she paints an honest picture of who her daughter really was. she.

All those stories about physical abuse and sexual abuse as a child are lies. It is literally the childhood of a friend she was once close to, until she, like so many others, cut her out of her life. Anna Nicole Smith, whose real name is Vicky, had a great childhood but she just didn’t think that was enough. She said that she created a childhood image of her because she made money and that was her only purpose in her life.

So if it wasn’t obvious that the billionaire really didn’t have her love, it is now. Worse still, if money was the object of her life, then she could also be found guilty of the death of her son. Daniel Smith was always with her, and he looks like a genuinely happy kid when he was a kid in the photos. But how can you grow up with an unintelligent mother who is addicted to attention and painkillers and come out healthy?

Your son did well for a long time, until it didn’t work anymore. One of his “friends” talks about how Daniel attended one of his parties where alcohol and drugs were flowing, and then pretends to be very surprised and disappointed that Daniel was going to participate. At this point when that friend shares this anecdote, the truth finally seems to arrive and he begins to dismiss it somewhat inconsistently as one of those typical inconsiderate misadventures of young people. Not long after, Daniel, a young man in his twenties, was dead.

“Stop making stupid people famous” is a quote few pay attention to. It’s not just because people like this are a useless influence in society, but also because they sometimes need to be protected from themselves. Take Kanye West, for example: he can make music, but he can’t handle the life that brought him fame.

The reaction to famous women going down the same path as him is even worse: they really do get dragged through the mud, not just by the tabloids but by the home audience as well. Look at Britney Spears, who didn’t know what to do and shaved her head. Why can’t society collectively say that they don’t want to hear from these people until they get better?

Or better yet, never give these people a stage to start with. If Anna Nicole Smith hadn’t broken through, she might still be alive today with a regular job and a roof over her head. And then her son was still alive.

It’s nice that this cleverly made documentary decently reveals the truth and creates an honest picture of Anna Nicole Smith. But what had this woman really accomplished to justify her then and even now deserving so much attention? Nothing. Her with no talent, she was just born with what she considers to be a pretty face. And the need for a fame she was mentally unfit for.

Anna Nicole Smith: You don’t know me can be seen in Netflix.

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