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Chris Rock Finally Strikes Back at Will Smith on Netflix

Chris Rock has finally commented on it at length. slapincident last year. And how! The comedian took over a historic and very lucrative Netflixspecial to counterattack.

The Oscars suddenly became relevant again last year after years of declining ratings. The images of Will Smith hitting Chris Rock went around the world. After some initial confusion, it quickly became clear that this was not a planned trick or prank – Smith was genuinely furious with the comedian.

Will Smith vs. Chris Rock

Will Smith in particular has since responded to the incident. First through an apology on Instagram, and then through a video on YouTube. A video that had viewers questioning his sincerity, as the Fresh Air actor immediately jumped at the opportunity to promote a brand. Nice commercial.

There was a long silence from Camp Rock. Smith revealed that he tried to contact his colleague, but was told that he “isn’t ready to talk yet, and when he is, he’ll get in touch.”

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Will Smith and Chris Rock were well dressed (Image: Getty)

Historical special on Netflix

If the comedian ever called Smith, we don’t know. In any case, Chris Rock has finally broken his silence. And how! Found last weekend selective outrage place, the first special that Netflix has broadcast live. A great event, with many guests and an extensive support program. All eyes were on Rock, an act for which the streaming service reportedly paid $20 million. Ka-ching, thanks Will Smith!

During the standing special the comedian finally answered him slap-incident, which took place almost exactly one year ago. For the first hour, she dropped only a few indirect references and jokes, such as: “Anyone who says ‘words hurt’ has never been punched in the face!”

clap again

Fortunately, the fans who were expecting the real fireworks were catered for at their beck and call. The 58-year-old comedian and actor explained the incident: “You all know what happened to me, I got punched by Shug Smith,” Rock joked. “Everyone knows it, everyone knows it. I was hit a year ago… People ask ‘did it hurt?’. I still have ‘Summertime’ in my ears!”

Rock also explained why he didn’t hit back: “Will Smith is a big guy, not me. Will Smith is shirtless in his movies. If you see me in a movie with open heart surgery, I’m wearing a sweater. Will Smith played Muhammad Ali, do you think I auditioned for that? I acted in Pookie Jack’s New Town.”

Where did the trouble start?

What also drew attention is that Chris Rock revealed where all the fuss started according to him. Not last year’s Oscars, but 2016’s. He was also the host there, and Jada Pinkett Smith campaigned to address the lack of diversity in that year’s nominations. “She told me that she was resigning because Will was not nominated for ‘Concussion‘. What the fuck? So she joked about it. Who cares? That’s how it is. She started it. I finished it. Nobody intimidates that bitch. She started with this. No one harassed her.”

Still, the comedian wrapped up his reaction to the incident, and the Smith family was anything but bitter. He changed his tune at the end, sharing his admiration for the actor: “I’ve loved Will Smith all my life…he makes great movies. I’ve been rooting for Will Smith my whole life. Cheer on that son of a bitch, said Rock. “And now I look”Emancipation‘ only to see him get hit.” Oh!

Check happiness!

Anyway, you can read our dry translations of his jokes, or just let the great teacher speak for himself. For his full joke version of the incident, you can selective outrage check on netflix, or check out part of it via the YouTube video below. In it he also addresses all the cheating rumors that play a part in the jokes that made Will Smith so angry last year…

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Watch: Chris Rock Finally Strikes Back at Will Smith in a Netflix Special

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