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The Nick Schilder brothers who wanted to ‘get rid of’ Simon Keizer are finally on stage with him | show

Over 800,000 viewers watched last night as Nick Schilder’s two unknown brothers appeared on dna singers. The panel was very impressed by his three-part harmonic singing and that gave the former half of Nick & Simon an idea. “I’m going to take them,” he joked. With that, a cunning old plan of the brothers would finally succeed.

In the new RTL 4 show, people related to a well-known Dutch artist perform. The panel, formed last night by the teams of Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and musical star Nyassa Alberta and Jaap Reesema and Xander de Buisonjé, will have to guess who the participants have blood ties to.

They normally do this with hints, but they were no longer needed. Sam (37) and Robert (35), the first duo on the show, had barely appeared when Reesema already had an idea. ,,I recognize something Volendam,” she said. Her accent in the clue video confirmed it and when they also said that his relative always had her nose in the books, Jaap knew enough. After all, Nick is known as a walking encyclopedia and is also known as Nickipedia.

Sam and Robert also referred to their relative as an “idol”, a reference to Nick’s involvement in idols in 2003. Xander already started Rosana from Nick & Simon to sing and Jeroen was out too. “Of course it’s still some kind of chess game,” she said, referring to Nick’s love of the sport of the mind. Painter, seen as a silhouette behind a screen, couldn’t contain his laughter.

Nick, Sam and Robert in traditional Volendam costume. © R.T.L.

Van Koningsbrugge stole points by jokingly pretending that he, like many people, doesn’t know who Nick is and who Simon is. Filled with conviction, he bet his money on Simon. “I’m beginning to doubt myself,” Robert laughed. Jeroen continued, because even after Nick’s revelation, he acted like he was right. “I mean him, with that beard! Look at me, what’s your name? Be honest.”

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Nick (39) and his brothers sang together as a child. When Nick became famous, he wasn’t much fun for Robert. He looks more like him and was constantly being asked to take photos with people while working as a bartender. Along with Sam, he sings in a cover band, appropriately named Almost Famous.

Nick, Sam and Robert.
Nick, Sam and Robert. © R.T.L.

Nick loved being on stage with his brothers yesterday, which he has had to fill on his own since Nick & Simon parted ways as a duo after seventeen years. all three sounded great glimpse of us of the Japanese singer Joji, found the panel. Nyassa Alberta spoke of a ‘family chorus’, that she likes Nick. “I am currently self-employed,” she said. “So I’m thinking of facing them.”

That’s exactly what Sam and Robert hoped for over ten years ago. They dreamed of going on tour with their older brother, but there was a sleeper. “We have to find a way to get rid of Simon,” he joked at the time. RTL Boulevard.

Nick & Simon played their last concerts together at the end of last year, but now they continue to perform together at Vrienden van Amstel Live. They also continue to do television together.

See an excerpt from the Dna singers below:

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