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Director: John Slattery | Script: Paul Bernbaum | Cast: Jon Hamm (Jordan Sanders), Tina Fey (Rita), Nick Mohammed (Deputy Reddy), Micah Stock (Jay), Derek Basco (Tommy T), ea | Time to play: 99 minutes | Year: 2023

When actors sit in the director’s chair, you can usually expect top-notch work from the people in front of the camera (except perhaps the actor directing himself). Directing actors often have a penchant for deep drama where they can push their colleagues to make the most of it. John Slattery, better known for mad MenHowever, he seems to care little about how his cast works; in its maggie moore there are some household names that seem to be acting on autopilot.

Jay’s wife discovers that her husband is running his sandwich shop in a suspicious manner. To make sure she stays quiet, Jay hires someone to threaten her. The latter makes his own decision about her and kills her, forcing Jay to take further action to divert the police.

Jay’s business is like a Subway Sandwich. As a franchisee, he actually has to buy from the main company supplier. He saves a lot of money by illegally buying someone else’s stock: he gets shabby ingredients for next to nothing in exchange for providing pictures of naked children. Yes, you read that right: pedophilia. Jay’s wife discovers the photos and believes they are of him, and his world falls apart. This is the beginning of what a comedy movie should be.

It really goes too far. Child abuse for laughs requires a lot of talent. Happiness it showed how a pervert tries to subtly manipulate others into taking care of their children. But starting with an envelope full of pedophilia photos and a crying wife is just painful.

Gradually the movie climbs out of this deep abyss, but it never goes beyond mediocre. The way Jay tries to control the narrative and how the police follow her his way is quite entertaining and exciting in the long run. The humor lightens a bit so that he finally feels like he can laugh.

It’s not quite as slick as a Coen Brothers movie, though it’s light. maggie moore in the line of Fargo. It’s just not innovative anymore. Aside from the twisty plot, there’s little worth mentioning. Not even the acting, which is unusual for a movie with an actor in the director’s chair. In the first half hour he even seems clumsy at times. You may feel less later on because you’ve gotten used to it.

Despite not appearing in the first half of the film, Jon Hamm plays police officer Jordan Sanders. Maybe it’s because he’s been his colleague for seven years, but Slattery could have been a little more critical of Hamm. In one of the early scenes there’s a comment that hints at something about Sanders’ private life, but he can’t get it out without an obvious tone of explanation.

By the way, that comment is about the character of Tina Fey. Although maggie moore a comedy crime movie, his character is not meant to be funny. It’s nice to see this well-known comedian do something different, but it’s a shame that her role is that of a rather no-nonsense person. So does Sanders’ assistant, played by Nick Mohammed, who fans of ted lasso immediately recognize him as Nathan. Fortunately, he keeps his British accent, but his acting doesn’t hold up.

The pleasant game time of more than an hour and a half and the smooth story keep the attention. Once the pedophilia aftertaste wears off, the humor turns out to be quite enjoyable. Even if they aren’t the most three-dimensional characters, some of them have a recognizable character trait that is clearly displayed in their first scene.

I have no idea what John Slattery’s motivation is for wanting to be in the director’s chair. In any case, he still has a lot to learn: that as a colleague you can criticize other actors to get more out of them, that humor can go a long way but it’s not limitless, and that a movie should be about something rather than just one. funny crime story Practice makes perfect, who knows, maybe it will surprise us more in the future than he did. maggie moore do.

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