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Review of the Disney+ series ‘Not Dead Yet’

Laughing out loud is not in him, but he is witty.

Director: Dean Holland, Anya Adams, Shahrzad Davani | Cast: Gina Rodriguez (Nell), Hannah Simone (Sam), Rick Glassman (Edward), Lauren Ash (Lexi), Josh Banday (Dennis), Angela Elayne Gibbs (Cricket), ea | Episodes: 13 | Time to play: 22-24 minutes | Year: 2023

In the British comedy series ghosts and the American remake of the same name, a woman inherits a mansion that she turns into a hotel, but a good blow to the head makes her see all the now ghosts that roam there. A pretty poor statement, but even more so than the reason why not dead yet gives. The main character sees them suddenly, from one day to the next. That’s fitting, because the entire series is pretty boring.

After Nell’s career and love life suddenly come crashing down, her friend Sam orchestrates her return to the newspaper he once wrote for. However, the only job available to her is writing obituaries. From the moment she receives the first assignment from her, she Nell begins to see the ghost of the person she has to write about. That turns out to be the springboard she needed to her new life.

not dead yet is the film adaptation of the British book Confessions of a Forty-Something F##k Up. A very weak one, apparently. It is an American series, so the story is no longer set in London. But the biggest adjustment is the addition of the element of Nell now seeing dead people. Apparently that’s not in the book. It is good to think that the spirit of the week will have a positive influence on what is bothering you at the moment.

The figurative spirit has been preserved: a lot of unoriginal and superficial things. The very idea that you are a failure if you do not have everything done before the age of 40 is unrealistic and outdated. The same job a lifetime is hell for some people, implying that singles are not complete yet can be called ‘shame’.

Nell has to learn to live without her long-time partner, Sam is a little stressed balancing work and home life, Nell’s roommate lies to his girlfriend about what his autistic personality is really like, and the coworker Nell’s, Dennis, tries to have a child with his partner to get. Subjects in themselves that can be extracted, but not dead yet he goes for the most simplistic approach in everything.

Because everything should be fun and joyful. Quirky but stereotypical characters in the office, stubborn but one-dimensional ghosts that run into Nell’s life. Her roommate Edward is a soft copy of Sheldon. Big Bang Theory. But as small as it all is, it takes half the season for the actors to find their footing as characters, just as the writers need time to find their flow. The first six or seven episodes are less entertaining because everything feels a bit tight.

Originality is lacking, but halfway through the season a link begins to emerge: wafer thin, but there is a connection. that’s why not dead yet with the heels over the ditch deserves three stars. That mouthy intern who turns out to be no fun almost disappears entirely, Nell is no longer persona non grata in the workplace, and all the characters finally form a group.

It’s strange that this makes Nell himself a flatter character. She’s self-assured, she doesn’t make big mistakes (and she’s easily apologetic when someone complains); She doesn’t even care about the bad comments her boss throws at her and her attempt to keep Sam from being her best friend. Before that, Nell could be pretty mean at times, like in an episode where she makes a date with Sam for their traditional restaurant visit, but then she doesn’t show up because she met a guy, but once things are less shaky, he becomes a more boring main character.

Because everything is so light and airy in tone, it’s not very noticeable. not dead yet it’s a feel-good series and it’s certainly not a mystery. Nell just got a special gift with no explanation and she’s at peace with it. She now she sees ghosts; well ok And yet the latest episode suddenly offers an explanation for that. It’s still not interesting or logical, but it was just a point that had been left alone.

There’s also no comprehensible motivation for Nell not sharing her gift with anyone, she just doesn’t. But shamelessly having a conversation against the air at home and at work, she does. all in not dead yet it screams that it is light entertainment in which depth should not be sought. Those who agree with this have found a new series that they can put on when they don’t want to have anything on their mind for twenty minutes.


not dead yet can be seen in Disney+.

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