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Meilandjes won’t (yet) get a permit for Code Rosé’s guesthouse: ‘Frankly outrageous’ | show

updateA major setback for the Meilandjes: the family has yet to get permission for their new Code Rosé guest house because they don’t live there. And that is a requirement. “I think it is absolutely scandalous that we receive this call from the municipality of Noordwijk a day in advance,” says Martien on Wednesday. RTL Boulevard.

In recent months, the Meilandjes have extensively renovated the guest house, which they bought for almost €1.5 million. He was accompanied by blood, sweat and tears, but the reality stars were there for it. “There is a lot to do, we like that. Make something out of nothing,” Erica told this site in December.

Now it seems that the municipality of Noordwijk does not want to grant a permit for the guest house, the Meilandjes announced on Wednesday, the day of the opening. People should also live in the living room of the building, according to Erica, is the argument of the municipality. And they knew nothing about it. “They sold it to us as a guest house, but we didn’t know that apparently you have to live here permanently in the building,” she reacts Maxime in front of the cameras of RTL Boulevard.

According to Erica, the zoning plan used to say residential/boarding house. “We demolished that house, with the approval of the municipality. And then suddenly they said: ‘Listen, now there are no more houses, so you are in violation’”.

Guests who have reserved a room need not worry. “Dad sacrificed himself to put up a trampoline behind the scenes, which is actually still a ruin, so we can welcome guests,” Maxime explains.

According to the municipality of Noordwijk, it does not immediately mean that the end of the exercise is for the Meilandjes, they say in a response to this site. “An environmental permit is required to open Pension Code Rosé. However, the owners have not submitted an application for this yet,” the municipality reported. ,, Before the opening, there was good contact with the owner of the guest house. The owner was aware that the opening without an environmental permit constitutes an infraction.

Now what? The municipality gives the Meiland family a deadline to undo the violation. “If an environmental permit for the Rosé Pensions Code is requested and granted in the correct term, the infraction will prescribe and be reversed.”

there are no words for that

Martien wants to do everything possible to receive the guests, but at the moment there is a lot of anger among the host. According to him, the municipality of Noordwijk only called a day in advance with the bad news. He calls it “downright scandalous.” “Those people have known for months that we are starting this project. I had no words for it.”

Although Martien is emotional, he remains positive. “Because we have a solution. But you should have seen me here this morning after a sleepless night.

The family previously ran a bed and breakfast in France, Chateau Marillaux. But this time the Meilandjes wanted to make it ‘very different’. “We’re not doing dinner anymore, really just breakfast. And fix everything, reservations, administration. It is simply Zimmer mit Frühstück. That’s why we also want the word pension, which sounds a bit cozy”.

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