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Review of the Netflix series ‘Waco: American Apocalypse’

Shocking documentary shows how the United States government tried to dominate a heavily armed religious group.

Director: helm russell | Number of episodes: 3 | Time to play: 45-51 minutes | Year: 2023

A religious leader, in his own words ‘the savior’, built an entire community in the Texas city of Waco. Because there were so many children here and at least as many weapons, the government decided in 1993 to invade the compound of these Branch Davidians. The raid was not exactly without a fight and a 51-day stalemate followed, with a dramatic conclusion. Reason enough to draw attention to history again thirty years later in the form of an interesting documentary.

Waco: American Apocalypse Showcase the impossible mission with never-before-seen images and testimonials. Both sides of the story are highlighted for a realistic impression of what happened on and around the community grounds during this period. He explains in chronological order exactly what steps the government has taken, with the main goal of getting the children released, but also ensuring that the leader of the group surrenders, fearing that he may pose a danger to society.

Local police and the FBI disagreed on the level of force that would be allowed in this operation, and no one could have foreseen Koresh’s eventual reaction. Due to the disastrous result of the operation, the government had a hard time afterwards, because the best helmsmen are also on the ground in the United States.

While many documentarians sometimes work unilaterally, filmmakers Waco: American Apocalypse highlight all sides of the story. This includes an FBI sniper, two negotiators, a journalist, agents, and several Branch Davidians. In addition, facts are valued over assumptions. So don’t expect embellished stories, exciting reconstructions, or unexpected twists.

Step by step, all possible evidence is taken out of the closet. It explains what happened and is supported by witness statements and images and sound material from the time. Everything that was hidden in 1993 is now coming to light. This approach ensures that no question goes unanswered, although after watching this documentary enough questions arise as to how something so unimaginable could have gotten out of hand.

Waco: American Apocalypse it can be seen as a record of an event that should never be forgotten. The documentary is informative and objective, without the intention of entertaining. That is not necessary, because the theme gives enough reasons to want to see the whole series at once and be able to fall from surprise to surprise.


Waco: American Apocalypse can be seen in Netflix.

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