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Steef de Bot, André Dongelmans, Kiki van Deursen and Oscar Aerts play the main roles Pope, a new comedy for Netflix. That’s what producer Daan van den Nouweland tells this website. Pope takes place largely in Perugia, Italy. There are supporting roles for Jennifer Hoffman, Michiel Romeyn and Pepijn Schoneveld.

the robot (Resistance Banker, Good weekend) plays the somewhat broken Mark who is about to become a father and is suddenly ‘kidnapped’ by his friends for a trip to Perugia. There they submit the ‘dadchelor’ to all kinds of crazy orders. According to Van den Nouweland, the plot is loosely based on his own wild time as a student in the Italian city.

,,Mark used to be that cool guy, but he turned into a boring and overly responsible guy who doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol anymore. Even his girlfriend no longer finds him attractive, because he is not the man she once fell in love with. Everyone hopes that he will find the old self inside of him in Perugia ”. The producer – with Popedirector Jon Karthaus did it before Good weekend, which will be seen on Netflix starting today, talks about a “good over-the-top comedy.” ,,No advanced math, just a wonderful movie to look away from.”

Scene from the movie Happy Weekend, now on Netflix. © Triple P Entertainment

as in Good weekend special attention is paid to ‘spontaneous dialogues’. Van den Nouweland explains: “I think that in many Dutch films the characters speak an elaborate written language. We really try to avoid that chill. They have to be conversations that you and I can have, that you believe in.”

on-set drama

The recordings in Perugia did not go smoothly. One of the leads, Maurits Delchot, also known as the Negativ rapper, tore a calf muscle during a scene. ,, he could no longer stand on his feet and it soon became apparent that he had to stop working. Fortunately, Oscar Aerts (Myskina, Coast!!) replace it. Still, it was a drama. Everything had to be checked and we still have about three days of shooting to redo.”

Pope it should be released on Netflix sometime next year. The video service has more Dutch productions in store, including the romantic comedy. Whoops, I’m growing! and a series of Clandestine-prequel Transport. It recently became clear that a majority in the House of Representatives believes that streaming platforms (including other providers like Disney+) should now invest some of their turnover in homegrown titles.

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