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reviewJennifer Lopez rarely plays nap. Even in the average ‘romkom’, she plays characters with hair on their teeth. All the more amazing that she can now just be a full-blooded action hero. In Mother, now on Netflix, convincingly pummels men to a pulp. It’s a pity that the script seems to have come out of ChatGPT.

The Mother (Netflix)

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Bringing ChatGPT could be boring. However, in recent years you can’t help but think that robots in particular are involved in the creation of Netflix movies. There are definitely exceptions, but algorithms call the shots. What genres are doing well, which actors are popular, which previous titles generated the most clicks? Mother it’s what you get when you primarily want to keep it discoverable and secure. It won’t elicit a lot of hate, but no one who will then yell from the rooftops that you have to see this.

Once the nameless mother of the title has delivered her baby, she will have her adopted. At the hospital she says goodbye almost emotionlessly behind a window. There’s a good reason for that. She once started herself as a sniper in the army, where she fell in with the wrong figures. When she decides to testify against these men, it’s not just her own life that is in danger. And what better way to get back at them than to take revenge on this ‘traitor’ through her son? So: I’m not your momjust to refer to a 2016 JLo hit.

As predictable as ebb and flow

Fortunately for the viewer, the teenager is found and kidnapped. From that moment on, López’s fuses blown. Mom is angry and we will know that too. It provides, among other things, a properly filmed chase scene through the streets of Cuba.

The movie gains a little more soul in the middle segment, when mother and daughter (her adoptive parents named her Zoe) smell each other for the first time in a remote Alaskan forest. Lopez’s character ultimately shows some guarded warmth there, though the question is whether forming an intimate bond is all that wise. Of course, the villains are not long in appearing again. Everything is as predictable as the ebb and flow.

It never really gets moving. feel about it Mother too much like a hastily thrown together cheese sandwich. Pity. It’s not the fault of finally action hero Jennifer Lopez, believable as a killing machine with a secret heart of gold. You give him a second chance.

Directed by: Niki Caro. Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Joseph Fiennes, Gael Garcia Bernal and Lucy Paez

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