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Tjitske Reidinga helps those for whom Mother’s Day is difficult with a sea of ​​flowers in Amsterdam | show

Mother’s Day is a joyous day for many, but it can also be troublesome for many people. Not everyone has a mother or child with whom to celebrate the day. Actress Tjitske Reidinga decided to come up with something to encourage these people.

On Monday May 15, the day after Mother’s Day, Tjitske Reidinga will be waiting for these people with a bouquet of flowers. She has made a sea of ​​flowers on the Amstelveld in Amsterdam, and anyone who can use some comfort can come and put together a bouquet here for free.

Reidinga is not only known as an actress, but also for her floral installations and creations. She has been at the market every Monday at a flower stand for years. “Through my work I see the difference flowers can make,” the actress says on Instagram. ,, This gave me the idea to create a sea of ​​flowers on the Amstelveld in Amsterdam,” she continues. “Here, people can make their own bouquets for free. And maybe there’s room to talk to each other as well.”

After Reidinga shared her idea on Instagram, hundreds of people responded to her message. ‘Tjitske, how nice that you think of us, the mothers who have lost a child and are going to do this, that moves me,’ someone writes. ‘Maybe I’ll dare on Monday. But the thought of us thinking of us can be enough’ and ‘What an incredibly beautiful person you are! So sweet and considerate. How wonderful that you want to do this’, let others know.

After the numerous reactions, the actress decides to continue with her plan. In collaboration with the Flower Council of Holland. “On Monday, May 15, the flowers are a tribute to the heart of her mother. A day to remember the mothers who are no longer here. They long for a child who did not come and cry for a child who is no more,” the agency said.

The Tjitske Reidinga initiative starts on Monday, May 15 at 9 am and runs until 5 pm, at the Amstelveld in Amsterdam. All are welcome for whom Mother’s Day is troublesome.

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