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Blind British (13) perfectly performs a difficult Chopin piece on the stationary piano: ‘This is impossible’ | show

known videoA 13-year-old blind girl with severe autistic disorder recently caused awe on the set of a new British television show The piano. In the middle of a busy station, she flawlessly performed a complicated piece by the composer Chopin on the station’s piano. Renowned professional pianist Lang Lang is on the jury and his jaws dropped.

The Channel 4 program invites amateur pianists to showcase their talents on piano stations across England. Little do they know that behind the scenes, sometimes even next to the toilets, two members of the jury are listening. Pop star Mika and the great pianist Lang Lang choose one contestant from each episode to perform at London’s Royal Festival Hall, known as one of the most beautiful in the world.

Among the candidates is Lucy (13), a blind girl with autism and learning difficulties. Accompanied by her piano teacher Daniel hers, she goes up on the station stage, as can be seen in a fragment broadcast by the channel. if he tells them Nocturne, opus 9, number 1 of Chopin, Lang Lang is already speechless. “It’s amazing that she can do this,” he says as the girl touches the stars in the sky. ,,Hh-how… does she learn this? Is incredible.”

Passers-by at the station also listen breathlessly, sometimes even crying. “Oh my gosh, this is impossible,” Lang Lang says. “I’m speechless, I don’t know what to say.” For my colleague Mika this applies literally: the grace kellythe singer cannot utter a word. “Two chatterboxes like us, who are now speechless and speechless, says enough”, he concludes.

Watch Lucy’s performance, read below:

How did you learn this?

Lucy wasn’t on Wednesday night’s premiere episode yet and her entire story will be discussed later, but before that it became clear how important music is to her. From the moment someone put a keyboard in front of her, she started playing.

He became familiar with the pieces by placing his hands over Maestro Daniel’s as he played, according to a video from The Amber Trust, a charity dedicated to the musical development of visually impaired children. When she knows the music better, she puts her hands under Daniel’s. By breaking the lessons into five-minute chunks, she keeps it up.

The girl enjoys music by moving with her whole body, especially her head. During the lessons, the teacher sometimes helps her head to be a little calmer, so that the concentration remains on her fingertips. At the end of her performance in The piano It can also be seen putting his fingers in his ears. That’s because she likes applause, but she can’t handle the sound very well.

Reviews of the show, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, are very positive. The contestants are mesmerizing, an instant star and the show is a piece of joy, he says. The Guardian. The reviewer of The Telegraph She was sure she wouldn’t like the umpteenth talent show, but she still fell for the ‘charms’ of the poignant show.

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