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Supermodel Bella Hadid is five months sober: ‘The pain and stress were endless’ | show

Bella Hadid (26) has stopped drinking alcohol completely and celebrates her fifth month of sobriety this week. The half-Dutch supermodel drank heavily for years, with very unpleasant side effects as a result.

“Five months without alcohol,” Hadid writes from Las Vegas with a video on TikTok, which has already been viewed 4.6 million times. She shares the same message on Instagram, resulting in 1.8 million likes. Her mother, Yolanda Hadid, knows how much this means. “I’m so proud of this, my little angel,” she replies. “You are shining.”

Bella already drank ‘a lot’ when she was still a student. After a day of school, she often had castings as a model, then at home she drank a bottle of wine. She now she has been one of the most successful models in the world for years. “We work a lot in the fashion world,” she previously said. W Magazine. ,,So we thought we can have a lot of fun at night too. And then she wakes up and do it again.”

‘Infinite pain and stress’

With Bella, drinking also had an underlying reason. “I went back to alcohol when I had low energy or anxiety,” she admitted. Hadid felt that he couldn’t go on like this. “My body doesn’t handle alcohol well.” But the model suffered mainly psychologically. Because the drink also fed her fears.

“I know the effect it has on me when I wake up at 3 in the morning with terrible fears, thinking about what I said five years ago when I graduated from college,” he said of his drinking. “There’s endless pain and stress after those few drinks that really meant nothing to me.”

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A half asleep brain

The model participated for the first time in Dry January last year, the challenge to live without alcohol for a month. By then she had stopped drinking alcohol and she said that she rarely got drunk. “I’m a glass of champagne and I’m going home girl,” she said. Fashion.

Meanwhile, Bella hasn’t had a drop in five months. She takes the opportunity to promote a non-alcoholic drink that she co-owns, but sobriety is a must. A few years ago, Bella hit a ‘low point’ mentally, in her own words. Due to Lyme disease, from the time she was fifteen she suffered from what is known as ‘fuzzy’ brain, in which she may have trouble thinking straight and experiencing emotions differently. Bella had mood swings. “I have made brain care my number one priority,” she said.

How does Hadid do that? He often plays sports, drinks a lot of water and wants to live an “adventurous and spontaneous” life. “Half my brain was asleep, so to speak, because modeling wasn’t stimulating me. So even if it’s just buying a pizza at night, nice little things like that make me feel better.”

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