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The 8 Best Picture Oscar nominations and where to watch them

The BAFTAs are over, so we’re looking forward to the 2023 Academy Awards, where the Oscars will be handed out. Here are all eight Best Picture Oscar nominations and where to stream them.

Almost every movie can now be streamed, whether for a rental price or not. But for Avatar: The Path of Water Do you still have to go to the movies?

The 2023 Oscar nominations for Best Picture

The big question: who should win the Oscar for Best Picture? see the movies All calm on the west front, Avatar: The Path of Water, The Banshees of Inisherin, Elvis, Everything everywhere at once, The Fabelmans, LIBRARY, Top Gun: Maverick, triangle of sadness in women talking to make your own judgement. We will add where you can stream them.

All calm on the west front

To stream via: Netflix

The remake of the war film war film was the big winner at the BAFTAs. It also goes during the Academy Awards. All calm on the west front with nine Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Read more about the film here, based on the 1930 original, which is itself based on the book. nothing new in the west.

Avatar: The Path of Water

Streaming soon on: Disney+

the second part of Avatar the path of water It is the long-awaited sequel to the first part. The new dimension is water, and it is as much a visual spectacle as its predecessor.

The Banshees of Inisherin

To stream via: Disney+

Less known, but also nominated for an Oscar in the Best Picture category, is The Banshees of Inisherin. Pádraic (Colin Farrell) is devastated when his friend Colm (Brendan Gleeson) suddenly ends their lifelong friendship. With the help of his sister and a troubled islander, Pádraic tries to repair their damaged relationship by any means necessary. You read that right, this is the same genius duo as in in bruges (2008).


To stream via: hbo max

Wonderful biopic about the life of Elvis Presley, with a great Austin Butler. He already received a BAFTA for this role, now an Oscar.

Everything everywhere at once

To stream via: Amazon Prime Video

Evelyn runs a laundromat in the United States and leads a quiet life with the usual problems. During a tax audit, Evelyn is suddenly catapulted into a multiverse (don’t worry, not Marvel’s). She learns that she can adapt and link her abilities in the separate universes. She highly recommended and rightly nominated for an Oscar in the Best Picture category.

The Fabelmans

To stream via: Apple TV (rent) and Amazon Prime Video (rent)

after watching the movie The greatest show in the world The young Sammy Fabelman falls madly in love with the cinema. Armed with a camera and with the help of his mother, Sammy tries to make his first movie at home.


To stream via: Amazon Prime Video (rent)

Lydia Tár, played by Cate Blanchett, is a world-renowned composer and conductor who becomes the first principal conductor of a major German orchestra. But not everyone is enthusiastic about her and she is under great pressure from her environment. Beautiful film for which Cate Blanchett also deserves more credits from the general public. Maybe after the Oscars.

Top Gun: Maverick

To stream via: Way home (rent)

Tom Cruise, a big budget and a lot of action. In our eyes it is not a candidate for Best Picture at the Oscars, but the Oscar nomination is a fact. Nice and easy entertainment, but you have Top Gun: Maverick You must have seen it in the movies.

triangle of sadness

To stream via: Amazon Prime Video (rent)

The ultimate movie for fans of the hit HBO Max series the white lotus. In triangle of sadness you just move from the resort to a supremely luxurious cruise ship, with even more wealth and disdain. Read more about the well-deserved Best Picture Oscar nominee here.

women talking

Streaming soon via: SkyShowtime

In this film, produced by Brad Pitt and others, women members of a religious colony try to come to terms with their faith after a series of assaults. Not our cup of tea, but probably nominated for a Best Picture Oscar for a reason.

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The 8 Best Picture Oscar nominations and where to watch them

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