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Batman Fans Are Complaining About Oscar Nominations And They’re Right

the batman, the film starring Robert Pattinson as the title character, has garnered three Oscar nominations. But the average fan shows up on social media. The very hungry caterpillar.

The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday (January 24). Everything everywhere at once is the most awarded with eleven nominations to date, followed by All calm on the west front (nine and The Banshees of Inisherin (nine).

Pampered fans of The Batman

Most of the fuss was caused by longtime rivals DC and Marvel. Because, why the batman only three Oscar nominations and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever five, bat fans lamented.

Here we have to give them some credit. the batmana dark adaptation of director Matt Reeves’ origin story, is an industry benchmark larger than Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. That sequel didn’t make it to the first part of Black Panther.

“Isn’t There a Better Original Score and Cinematography?!”

the batman has a chance to win an Oscar for ‘Best Visual Effects’, ‘Best Makeup and Hairstyling’ and ‘Best Sound’. In the eyes of DC fans, they’re just making amends. A nomination for ‘Best Original Score’ and especially ‘Best Cinematography’ was the least the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences could have done. When it comes to ‘Best Cinematography’, the fans are certainly right. With the gloomy and raw atmosphere, the previous jester although signed, DC turns the superhero genre into quality cinema. It almost feels realistic. Much more amazing than the latest batch of Marvel movies. A compilation of the response stream.

the batman is now to broadcast via HBO Max.

All Oscar nominations in a row

Anyway, of course, it’s also spoiled behavior of the batmanfans. Three Oscar nominations is not something that every movie can credit. To see in this summary page all Oscar nominations by 2023.

Also check out the 2023 BAFTA nominations, the British counterpart to the Oscars.

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Batman Fans Are Complaining About Oscar Nominations And They’re Right

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