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Director: Roshan Sethi | Script: Jaime King, Utkarsh Ambudkar | Cast: Manny Magnus (Prem), Utkarsh Ambudkar (Suresh), Piper Wallace (Claire), Punam Patel (Priya), Max Malas (Jerome), ea | Time to play: 101 minutes | Year: 2023

The bad guys from James Bond movies, the bad guys from James Bond type movies: they are often said to have very high IQs. Why does the world still think smart people are evil monsters who want to rule? Couldn’t be further from the truth. in itself Big Bang Theory a more correct view of them: socially awkward, not necessarily successful, not chunky but emotional flesh and blood people. The best in the world It’s a likeable, never condescending movie about a talented kid, who isn’t the butt of a joke for once.

Twelve-year-old Prem is a genius who is now taking his math class at a top-level school. After prodding, his mother finally tells him something about his late father, namely that he was a very talented MC. Now that Prem’s best friend has turned his back on him, he wants to do something cool, and this sounds like a good option, especially after he starts visualizing his father and tells him that he’s up for the challenge. .

There are some unnecessary clichés, like the two smartest students (Prem and Claire) wear glasses. But for the rest, the film shows a beautiful and correct image of people who were born against the will and thanks with a little more between their ears. When they are themselves, others think they are weird, they are insecure, they have talents and weaknesses, and most importantly, they are just people. Despite not even being said to be gifted, the trolls will already be trying to get a negative score on IMDb. Where does this aversion to intelligence come from?

Prem is a visual thinker; His thoughts are visual and he can become so absorbed in them that he sometimes momentarily forgets the outside world. From the moment his mother has told him something about his father, he appears to her. He knows that he is not a ghost but a manifestation of his own idea of ​​this man. But he is strong enough to persuade Prem to give rap a try.

Lead actor Manny Magnus is the perfect guy for the part. He convincingly plays a smart and emotional guy, but his fantasy image of himself as a confident rapper succeeds effortlessly. It is clear that all the songs were recorded in the studio and played during the recording. But he does the job just as well on his own.

For a moment it seems that the story is heading towards the wrong message, namely that you have to trade your “boring” talent for something with more social appeal. Prem begins to rebel against her math skills and wants to focus more on rapping. Or more generally: that Prem has to leave one cubicle behind to get into another.

But no, that’s not what The best in the world says He’s got the guts to prove there’s nothing wrong with thinking in boxes, once you realize there’s no limit to how many boxes you can get into. A beautiful truth that can be called more often. No one is just a bunch of things, and to name the parts of someone’s personality is not to pin down character.

‘From the producer of Hamilton’ is promised. That’s right, but it’s not Lin-Manuel Miranda but one of the others involved. However, the musical numbers are nice and the composed soundtrack is a bit above standard as well. Another producer is Utkarsh Ambudkar, who was also a co-writer and plays the role of Prem’s father. Not well known here yet, but already in America thanks to his role in the popular comedy series. ghosts.

Cinematically everything is still pretty good. It’s not a disaster in itself, because the setting is strong and brave enough to take everything to an unexpectedly high level. The best in the world It turns out to be such a heartwarming topper that everyone can enjoy. A coming-of-age film with a positive message, told in an energetic way.

The best in the world can be seen in Disney+.

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