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Director: Kevin Heffernan | Script: Broken lizard | Cast: Kevin Heffernan (Duchamp), Jay Chandrasekhar (King Guy), Steve Lemme (Quasi), Adrianna Palicki (Queen Catherine), Brian Cox (narrator), ea | Time to play: 100 minutes | Year: 2023

It’s elementary school time. A classmate is having a birthday or sleepover, and a movie is showing. They are all completely double and the jokes are retold and recreated over the next few weeks. Of course, he is still often seen that year. Once again, the movie happens again, and the movie can be appreciated from the pure feeling. But the truth is that it is a really bad movie. Quasi it’s such a movie.

The King of France is visited by the Pope. He can’t stand the saint and he comes up with a nefarious plan: a lottery so that a citizen has the opportunity to come to confession with the leader of the Catholic Church. Once in the confessional, this winner must draw a dagger to kill the Pope. The winning ticket is in the hands of Quasi, a hunchbacked employee of the torture cellar. He doesn’t want to kill the Pope, but his resistance could cost him his life.

Jay Chandrasekhar has a resume to die for. Over the past twenty years, he has directed episodes of countless comedy series, such as arrested development in new girl. In addition, he also has his own film productions, which he co-writes, such as beer Festival in super soldiers. However, they are much less fun.

Somehow they are more friendly projects, because they are always done together with the same group of men who assume the (double) roles and participate in the script. That is also the case for Quasi, although this time one of the other gentlemen took a seat in the director’s chair. It didn’t make it any more fun, but at least they had some fun themselves, given the clips over the credits.

It is not clear why the character Quasimodo was ripped from his own story and placed in a different plot in a different city. He might as well have been called Henkie. At the beginning of the film he is presented as the most hated character in the city, but after a few minutes he seems like someone with whom few people have problems -in a way he is even appreciated- and it is precisely his roommate Duchamp who is the most big. loser.

However, the plot is not bad and continues nicely. Although it is not clear why the king and the pope cannot get along. Other than his job, Quasi is a great guy, so you can let him get out of this conflict in one piece. Original is different, but a few twists keep it from becoming completely predictable.

Quasi It has to be based mostly on the jokes, and these are largely flat and poorly stolen. Mel Brooks and Mike Myers have done all this before and better. It almost feels like this movie was made solely so the Broken Lizard comedy troupe could work together again and earn some nice pocket money. Because there must be someone who wants to drop this dredge. In themselves they have looked at it very well and in any case they have not been wrong about it. what it does Quasi just not nicer.

Quasi can be seen in Disney+.

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