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The biggest theories around the 60th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’

The 60th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ once again gives rise to countless theories and speculations

doctor whoThe long-running sci-fi series loved by millions of fans around the world is about to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

With this special occasion drawing near, countless theories and speculations have sprung up as to what to expect in these three special episodes. Here are the top ten theories:

10. Susan will return

A recurring theory, at each milestone of doctor whois that Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter, will return.

This would be a nostalgic moment for fans as Susan was last seen in The Dalek invasion of Earth from 1964.

9. The multiverse

It is speculated that the anniversary season will explore a multiverse storyline.

In this, different versions of the Doctor from parallel universes would join. This would be an epic and amazing concept, opening the door to endless possibilities.

8. The fellow travelers return

Fans are looking forward to a reunion of former companions like Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Amy Pond.

It would be great to see these beloved characters back on screen and reminisce about their adventures with the Doctor.

We had already seen a small preview of this in The power of the doctor.

7. Unmasking the Valeyard

The mysterious “Valeyard”, a dark future incarnation of the Doctor, can finally be revealed.

This character has long been the source of speculation and each time fans hope that this shadowy figure will finally return. and the 60th birthday would be a perfect opportunity to reveal his true identity.

The Valeyard appeared in history. The trial of a time lordStarring Colin Baker as the Doctor.

6. The return of old enemies

The anniversary episode could also serve as a reunion of the Doctor’s old enemies.

Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and other iconic creatures could make an appearance, leading to spectacular conflict.

This has happened before, for example in the last episode of Matt Smith’s Doctor, doctor’s time.

5. The new doctor

We already know that David Tennant will return as the Fourteenth Doctor. Although this Doctor has the face of the Tenth Doctor, we still don’t know anything about this incarnation.

Furthermore, we also know that the real new Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa (Sex educationwill make an appearance in the specials.

4. The Doctor travels back in time, back to ancient reincarnations.

One possible explanation for why the Fourteenth Doctor has a past face is that he returns to his past lives.

This story was told once before in the Doctor Who comics in the early 1980s, around the same time as “The Star Beast”.

However, since the classic series Doctors only appeared in “The Power of the Doctor”, it is unlikely that this story will have the same impact.

Instead, it is possible that the Fourteenth Doctor travels through his own timeline to find answers to why he has the face of his Tenth incarnation, meeting his former self along the way.

3. The origin of the doctor

One of the most intriguing theories is that the Doctor’s origins will eventually be fully revealed.

The mystery surrounding this extraordinary character has baffled fans for years, and such a reveal would be a major moment in the show’s history.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall pitched the ‘Timeless Child’ concept, where the Doctor is immortal and his regeneration has given rise to the Time Lords.

Fans weren’t happy about this, so it will be interesting to see if new showrunner Russell T. Davies returns to this.

2. Where is the Fourteenth Doctor?

In the few clips of Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor that have already surfaced, he wears the clothes of David Tennant’s Doctor.

Showrunner Russell T. Davies has already said that the background of those clips has been changed to avoid spoilers.

One theory is that he is stuck on ‘Edge of Existence’ since The power of the doctor. If so, this would be a huge risk to the Doctors’ survival.

Another theory is that the change was made to keep the “impossible” interior of the TARDIS a secret.

1. Donna Noble gets her memories back

The biggest Doctor Who 60th anniversary theory revolves around the death of Donna Noble.

Russell T. Davies has hinted that Donna may not survive her meeting with the Doctor.

Her death would be an even bleaker end to Donna’s story, as she would effectively be punished for reminiscing about the best moments of her life.

The Tenth Doctor was unable to save Donna in the season finale of doctor who season 4, but since then it’s been three other people.

doctor’s day they have determined that they can solve impossible situations by continuing the solution in subsequent incarnations.

Maybe the Fourteenth Doctor has the face of the Tenth because they finally figured out how to restore Donna’s memories from the TARDIS.

There couldn’t be a better celebration of the show than someone remembering why they fell in love with the Doctor and his TARDIS in the first place.

doctor who returns in November with three special episodes. The show will, of course, be screened at the [url1 iPlayer[/url1]but also on Disney+!

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