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The ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Reboot Is Supposed To Make A Big Change From The Books

Book fans probably won’t be too happy about this…

Netflix is ​​working on one narniareboot that fans have been eagerly waiting for. But if the streaming service is smart, they’re making a big change from the CS Lewis books. It would be a mistake to use the original ending.

the Chronicles of Narnia joins the long list of TV reboots currently in the works. While the prospect of revisiting the magical kingdom and its beloved characters is great and fans generally want reboots to be as true to the source as possible, sticking to the source material could be a huge mistake in this case.

too extreme

Of chronicles of NarniaThe books were published in the 1950s, so adapting them for today’s viewers could prove challenging for Netflix. Creators will have to carefully consider which parts of the source material should be kept and which should be omitted.

But one thing is already clear: Netflix will probably change the ending. He narniathe stories have always been steeped in allegory, influenced primarily by Lewis’s Protestant beliefs. The strong religious overtones of the story, especially at the end of the last part, The last Standit’s probably too extreme for the streaming service.

big risk

Aside from the question of religion, the end of the Chronicles of Narnia gloomy and unsatisfactory. The sudden disappearance of all but one character of the main cast is disheartening. Also, the ending focuses on characters that are only introduced in the final book, creating a sense of incoherence in the overall story.

If Netflix follows this original ending, it’s a very big risk, which is likely to prove controversial. In order not to fall into the same pitfalls that, for example, game of Throneshas to the Chronicles of Narnia striking a balance between maintaining its timeless charm and creating an ending that appeals to contemporary viewers.


This means that Netflix is ​​facing a big dilemma. For one, certain fans will be upset if the writers change the ending. On the other hand, the original ending will generate many angry viewers. Fortunately, several options are possible. For example, the series may choose to stop before the last part, as all previous adaptations have done.

The series may also choose to film the parts in chronological order, rather than by release order. Then it would be The last Stand It will not be the last part, which would make a lot of difference. It is not yet known when the narniareboot will show up on Netflix.

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