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‘Drastic change’ The Last of Us brings tears to social media

How many tears rolled down your cheeks after watching the third episode of The last of us? In any case, social media sniffs with you. All for the sake of the most drastic departure from the game’s original story to date.

The latest episode of the HBO Max series makes one thing clear: tough men cry. Despite The last of us deviates sharply from the path the game’s characters first took, the beautiful love story that unfolded before our eyes can earn much praise. And even the game’s most die-hard fans are now veering off.

“The third episode of The last of us It differs a lot from the games, but it really is a beautiful story that stands on its own. As a huge fan of the games, I can’t recommend the series highly enough.” But how exactly does the HBO Max series change the original? And why?

Spoiler alert!

Tranen op social networks about The Last of Us

episode three of The last of us it mainly revolves around the characters Bill and Frank. Bill (played by a genius nickofferman) is a ‘survival list‘ which has transformed your abandoned residential area into an impenetrable fortress after the zombie outbreak. He happily spends the first few years alone, but then Bill meets someone who has accidentally fallen into one of his traps. After a coy introduction, the two quickly develop a romantic relationship and the rest of the episode explores their romance that spans several years.

In the end, a now terminally ill Frank (Murray Bartlett, whom you still know from season 1 of the white lotus) to Bill to put him out of his misery by putting a medicine in the wine that will put him to sleep forever. Devastated and teary-eyed, Bill complies with this request, but not before taking a long drink from the bottle himself. Out together, home together.

A bittersweet ending to the best episode yet.

drastic change

The biggest change so far between HBO Max’s version of The last of us and the game of naughty dog is mainly due to Frank. He is never shown alive in the game. Instead, Joel, Bill and Ellie find his hanged body. Frank reveals in an accompanying note that he was bitten by an infected and, rather than become a monster himself, chose to end his own life early.

The other big difference from the game is that Bill and Frank fight a lot. Although they are also subtly mentioned as romantic partners in the game, Frank finally admits to Bill in that same letter that he detests him. In the game, therefore, there are none at all. Happy ending between Frank and Bill. Alone and left alone must he doomsday preparer learning to live with the death of his life partner.

The brain behind the success of HBO Max responds

But the creator of both the games and the series, Neil Druckmann, was initially unable to speak about any changes in your intellectual pet.

“If you had asked me a few years ago if I would agree with the fate of one of the main characters being completely changed. Then I would have said without hesitation: no, not at all”.

Finally, a meeting with the eventual showrunner of The last of us – Craig Mazin the with Chernobyl He already had a nice letter of nobility: the inventor of the HBO Max hit changed his mind. Instead of living the story through the eyes of Joel and Ellie, Mazin convinced Druckmann to give audiences a full backstory on the remarkable duo.

“You get to experience the moment Bill and Frank met and fell in love and then we jump back in time and show what it’s like for two middle-aged men to leave that first moment of pure romance behind them. And what happens when you feel that loss at the end of a full life?

crying my eyes That apparently happens. Your eyes are probably so swollen from crying that you’re pronouncing these cool details. The last of us from HBO Max anyway.

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‘Drastic change’ The Last of Us brings tears to social media

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