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The original Harry Potter on a possible return in the reboot

There’s officially a reboot of the Harry Potter movies, in the form of a new HBO Max series. They don’t have to call Daniel Radcliffe, the original Harry.

The new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery goes back to basics. David Zaslav usually chooses the safe and commercial route, the cashews. In the case of the Harry Potter franchise, that means an abrupt end for the Fantastic Beasts series and a new beginning for JK Rowling’s books.

Rebooting Harry Potter is official

They will be readapted as an HBO Max series. In the United States, the service is only called Max, which will also happen in the Netherlands, so technically it will be an Original Max.

Rumors of a Harry Potter reboot have been circulating for years, but now it’s officially happening. The new show retells the story of JK Rowling’s books, which we’ve already seen filmed in theaters, starting with 2001’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. So this time it will be a TV series, running for ten years (!) will last. Yes, the company is going for it.

Cast in cameo’s

There is no word yet on the cast of the new show. For now, we’ll just have to make do with the announcement, as well as the controversial fact that JK Rowling is involved in the reboot. The original cast of the movies is now too old to play another 11-year-old student, so Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the rest will be recast.

But yeah, look at the most recent Star Wars film trilogy: cameos from old acquaintances are a proven trick to appeal to general audiences. ‘Hey, you see, you remember, don’t you?’ In the case of the new Harry Potter series, the last cameo would be Potter himself, also known as Daniel Radcliffe. The now 33-year-old British actor with whom it all began on the big screen.

You can probably imagine it right away: a whole series with a new Potter actor, with Radcliffe playing Potter’s father at the end or in flashbacks, or the older version of Harry appearing in the epilogue at the end of the books. Weak offer? Sure, but Warner Bros. Discovery will clearly be going for easy scoring over artistic integrity in the coming term.

JK Rowling ‘drinks champagne’ at Harry Potter reboot boycott

The original Harry answers.

Still, don’t expect such a cameo. The cast of the original Harry Potter movies are perpetually cursed with being asked about the franchise in every interview, no matter why or what they’re being interviewed for.

Hollywood Trade Magazine Deadline has the scoop this time, recently asking Daniel Radcliffe if he’d be interested in a cameo in Max’s new Harry Potter TV series. “I don’t think so, no. Surely after everything I’ve read about the series, I understood that she cool I want to start and it would probably be very strange if I suddenly appeared…”, said the British actor.

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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in The Deathly Hallows (Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Daniel Radcliffe leaves the franchise behind

Logical conclusion, and there are still any number of reasons for Daniel Radcliffe not to commit to the new show. He will never be able to completely separate himself from his iconic role, but his godfather has spent years tackling the most diverse and eccentric roles. Returning to JK Rowling’s world would only get him reabsorbed into the Harry Potter image of her.

Also: it’s JK Rowling. Radcliffe wrote another open letter in 2020, distancing himself from his controversial tweets about transgender people. He hasn’t literally said like Emma Watson that she wants nothing to do with the franchise as long as JK Rowling is involved, but she will no doubt play a part in her decision to leave the franchise.

While we wait for more news on the Potter reboot, you can already find out just how rich Harry Potter is in the movies, thanks to one Redditor’s crazy calculation. Or take a look at the supposed cast of the reboot, which is already being talked about in the halls.

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The original Harry Potter responds to the possible return in the reboot

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