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This Is How Rich Harry Potter Really Is According To A New Calculation

Money may not bring happiness, but Harry Potter has plenty. A clever Redditor decided to calculate how rich Potter is at least in the first movie. He brings in a staggering amount of money, although Daniel Radcliffe is probably the real winner in this story.

Harry Potter has a hard life as an orphan in JK Rowling’s books. The scenes with the Dursley family, Dursley in English, are sometimes painful to read or watch. on one level the boy who lived Don’t worry though: money. Already in the first book, Potter visits Gringotts, a bank for wizards. There he can claim an obviously huge inheritance, the former estate of his murdered parents. So it’s clear that Harry Potter is filthy rich in books and movies, especially next to the poorer Weasley family.

How rich is Harry Potter?

However, a die-hard fan on Reddit named NeokratosRed was not satisfied with that conclusion. It doesn’t matter if he is a fictional character; he wanted to know exactly how rich Harry Potter is. If the Sorcerer’s Apprentice can easily lend $25,000 to Fred and George to open a store, what is his net worth? The Redditor decided to take a closer look at the film version of Harry’s visit to the wizarding bench. there are a few out there shooting from a mountain of gold coins. When you calculate how much money that is, you have a minimum, a lower bound, on how rich Potter is. At least: the movie version of the young wizard. JK Rowling probably wasn’t there to count and approve every coin on set.

How rich Harry Potter is money JK Rowling
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Millions and real estate

The result of that calculation, which you here The check is the following amount: 50625 galleons, the currency used to pay in the magical world of JK Rowling. Fortunately, we know that one galleon equals 25 million. A simple calculation then tells us that Harry Potter has a net worth of at least $1,265,625, or 1,174,234.22 in brand new euros. Ka-ching! The godfather is a millionaire. At least. From what we can see. In the book, Rowling talks about mountains of gold coins. Lots of silver. If she considers the width and height of Harry’s vault, she easily ends up with tens of millions. In addition, the young man also owns a good piece of real estate, Grimboudplein 12, Sirius Zwart’s house. Although Potter himself does not yet know this in the first part.

How rich Harry Potter is money JK Rowling
???? (Image: Reddit/Warner Bros.)

And Daniel Radcliffe?

Harry Potter is not the only one who is quite rich. Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays the young wizard in the movies, has also made a lot of money from the franchise. In total, the British actor earned no less than 85 million dollars with the eight films. Therefore, the now 33-year-old actor will never have to work again. That’s why Radcliffe mostly goes for the smaller, more creative independent projects, like swiss army manFrom the makers of Oscar Winner Everything everywhere at once.

Especially in the later films, the actor received a large bag of money to pay back. In the first movie, he was paid $900,000 when he was an 11-year-old boy. Not sick. In the second movie, that amount has already risen to $2.5 million, but that amount is still nothing compared to the bombshell he received for the last two parts: $44.3 million. Check for more details break down of his Potter net worth this article, where we show you exactly what was in Daniel Radcliffe’s paycheck per movie. In any case, the cast of HBO’s upcoming Potter adaptation will be reading with gusto!

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