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the inevitable future of the Harry Potter movies

accredited leakers and analysts confirm that Warner Bros. Discovery is considering a drastic restart for the Harry Potter movies. A controversial choice, but isn’t it just the only option?

The Star Wars series and Marvel movies fly around you. They are megafranchises that many studios can only dream of. Warner Bros. Discovery has a Harry Potter equivalent, but the future of JK Rowling’s universe is uncertain, to say the least.

How are you doing with Harry Potter?

Where Disney can and can tell new Star Wars stories on all fronts, Warner Bros. Discovery limited by Rowling’s vision. The British writer is, ultimately, the one who has to give permission for new films, books, series or comics, and is very protective when it comes to your franchise.

Still, the new head of the studio wants to do more with Harry Potter. CEO David Zaslav recently emphasized this to shareholders. He sees the wizarding world of Potter as an opportunity, as opposed to other more risky new projects.

Dag Fantastic Beasts

The question is: how? The Fantastic Beasts series has come to a premature end. In fact, everything indicates that Zaslav and company. it ruled out all future plans for those films. A flop is perhaps a big word, but certainly compared to the ‘original’ movies, the Fantastic Beasts adaptations were disappointing. For both the consumer and commercially wise.

Fans naturally want to see the original cast again. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. However, Watson doesn’t want to return until Rowling is no longer involved with the franchise, and the rest of the original cast also seems to have put the magical adventure behind them.

Daniel Radcliffe returns to the cast of Harry Potter
the original trio (Image: Warner Bros.)

Time to reset!

So how do you build on those movies without those big names? A filter and analyst, one of great reputation filterclaims that the bigwigs at Warner Bros. Discovery are exploring a rigorous option for precisely that problem: a complete reboot of the franchise.

According to the account, which goes by “wdwpro,” the studio wants to start from scratch in the next three to five years. In other words: tell the story again of how Potter ended up with his uncle and his aunt when he was a baby. Again the first year of school. Again the first confrontation with Voldemort.

The question is, isn’t it too early to reboot? In fact, it’s been eleven years since the last Harry Potter movie came out, but that’s still very recent in a media world with long-running franchises like Star Wars. We’re not really talking about one yet legacy-franchise.

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modern and nostalgic

In that sense, Potter is spicy: it’s a franchise of today, but also a franchise full of nostalgia. Therefore, the reboot will feel unnecessary to the general public, as illogical, given that the original actors are still relatively young. This is not a case of recasting a young Han Solo.

In addition, the nostalgic factor also plays an important role here. The first Harry Potter movies almost feel like Christmas movies, full of warmth and comfort. Matching that warmth in a modern reboot is nearly impossible, and that nostalgia certainly isn’t something you can match with a reboot.

You just can’t ignore the comparison to the original movies. Some of the most beloved movies of all time, which are also viewed through rose-colored glasses and filled with nostalgia by fans. A comparison that can practically only be negative for new films.

The Force Awakens as a model

On the other hand, does that matter? Perhaps a reboot is simply a valley that Harry Potter as a franchise has to go through. A blow that the study has to endure. the force awakens It was and is also very controversial, but the Star Wars movie was a great success in terms of sales. And, most importantly, it gave Disney the opportunity to create a new cinematic universe to create new books, movies, comics and games.

Warner Bros. Discovery is at the end a company. Waiting for the return of the original trio of actors, something that will probably never happen, is pointless. Forcing a fresh start for the lucrative franchise may be controversial, but in the eyes of Zaslav and Co. it’s probably the only logic. way to go

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Reboot Plans: The Inevitable Future Of The Harry Potter Movies

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