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The reality star sounds completely different singing than talking: Panel doesn’t believe ears in secret duets | show

known videoNearly 650,000 viewers watched on Thursday night as a reality star with an impactful voice sounded completely unrecognizable as she sang on secret duets. The entire panel was wrong, a rarity on the RTL 4 show. “I can finally speak normally again.”

In the singing show, famous artists do a duet with someone they can’t see. Using voice and clues, they have to guess who is on the other side of the wall. You can be a professional vocalist, but also a celebrity who can’t sing.

It’s not often that guessing professionals come up blank after two pieces of the duo cut out. But singer Edsilia Rombley and music star Brigitte Heitzer had no idea who rapper Donnie was singing a duet with. Beyond a surprised “huh?” Rombley didn’t come.

Donnie also had big eyes. “It’s clearer now, but it’s still not clear,” he joked. The track video didn’t help them further. A panther-print garment was on display, as well as a hair straightener, false eyelashes and lipstick. The voice sounded like a woman. Was it leopard print fan Patty Brard?

Possibly it was someone from Limburg, because a flan passed by. And toy cars in red, yellow and green. Did they refer to the carnival flag with these colors? “This tiger is not for the cat,” host Jamai Loman gave an additional hint. He added that the person once participated in a show that was “very popular.”

Musical star Brigitte Heitzer listened intently, but missed the secret duets. © R.T.L.

‘100 percent sure’

Jeroen van der Boom was the only member of the panel who knew enough. He was “100 percent, really 100 percent sure” that model Sylvia Geersen was behind the wall. Heitzer opted for the Limburg singer Beppie Kraft, Rombley for Laura Vlasblom and Donnie for Imca Marina. They got scammed.

The beauty products referred to a woman’s love of external care, the flan to her native Venlo. All the cars together had the colors of the rainbow. She was referring to the real-life soap opera that the woman has had with her partner for years. Both are transgender people and therefore members of the rainbow community.

Explaining the hint about the cat, the woman forgot for a moment that she was on a family show. “Now I have that cat, the tiger is gone,” the woman, who was born with the physical characteristics of a man, referred to her gender reassignment surgery. Actually, it was about her participation in the Videoland program. Real girls in the jungle.

sing out loud

It was reality star Louisa Janssen (38), who also sings sometimes and is in a relationship with Rowan van de Bovenkamp. The panel couldn’t believe their eyes.

The 'secret singer' in Secret Duets was reality star Louisa Janssen.
The ‘secret singer’ in Secret Duets was reality star Louisa Janssen. © R.T.L.

“My voice can go down, I can finally speak normally again,” said Janssen, who had been playing louder the whole time. She sang part of it karma chameleon from Culture Club in his ‘normal’ voice and suddenly sounded very different.

All the panelists missed out on the points to be won, but they enjoyed the surprise. “It’s great that you did this,” Donnie concluded.

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