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The Rock sabotaged the failure of Shazam 2 for his own benefit and ego

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson starts with the attitude of a true Hollywood villain Arrive. The former wrestler turned super villain black adam I would have done everything possible to get the big flop Shazam! The fury of the gods sabotage “Instead of making a movie, he wants to be brand expand.”

In any case, the box office counter does not speak in favor of the failed blockbuster. however it was Shazam! from 2019 a resounding success. But the sequel lacks the cohesiveness and continuity of the first film.

And according to a devastating new revelation, none other than Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who plays Black Adam, the canonical counterpart to superhero Shazam, has sabotaged it all. poetic justicebut then unfairly?

Black Adam vs. Shazam

Although black adam he himself brought a large amount of money into the DC coffers, the small profits would go to Shazam! the fury of god It could well end both franchises. Because without Black Adam there really is no Shazam, and vice versa. A bit like The Joker and Batman; the two are inseparable opposites, although Batman of course has better roles than those other two buffoons.

black adam, dwayne johnson, the rock, shazam!  Fury of the gods, shazam 2
The first Shazam comic! in which the hero immediately fights Black Adam (Image: DC Comics)

Either way, not everyone has the same perception of DC’s once-promising new duo. In a recent article on the envelope do something hollywood executives an anonymous handout about Dwayne Johnson’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering. First, The Rock went all out for it. Shazam 2 openly undermine

The Rock vs. Superman

By forcing a fight between Black Adam and Superman, the superstar invariably avoided a canonical confrontation with Shazam, the superhero played by Zachary Levi. In private, she also reportedly vetoed a planned post-credits scene. black adam, in which Shazam is said to have been recruited into the Justice Society of America by Hawkman and other superheroes. Instead, the already recorded teaser was replaced with a first meeting between Black Adam and Superman.

“Dwayne Johnson is trying to sell himself as something bigger than the movie,” laments a top Hollywood executive. “He is one of the few people who always thinks that he is the most important person in any situation or room. Instead of making a movie, he wants to be brand expand. He wants to make a brand in which he himself is the center”.

Dwayne Johnson vs. DC

The deleted post-credits scene can now be seen on Shazam! fury of the gods, but not without adaptations by Dwayne Johnson. The former NFL player turned down cameos from Black Adam’s characters. In the end, DC chose guest appearances from Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee. suicide squad in Pacifier.

“Throughout the DC Universe, true black adam From alienating and refusing to integrate with other established characters, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has systematically crippled two franchises. And in doing so, he seriously damaged DC,” it sounds scathing.

Zachary Levi vs. Harry Potter

Now Zachary has Levi too. answered about the accusations. And he apparently accuses The Rock of sabotaging things.

dwayne the rock johnson, the rock, shazam!, shazam!  fury of the gods, shazam 2
(Image: Zachary Levi/Instagram)

Al gave the actor who plays Shazam in a while deleted tweet he also admits that failure is likely the result of poor marketing. In any case, none of this is good news for the beleaguered DC Studios. So Harry Potter instead of superheroes.

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The Rock ‘sabotaged’ the failure of Shazam 2 for his own benefit and ego

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