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If anyone knows what it means to turn a negative into a positive, it’s Dutch bodybuilder Olivier Richters. He took advantage of his height, almost 2.20 meters, to become a Hollywood actor. With success, we can say after his Marvel adventure.

Olivier Richters, aka The Dutch Giant, tells all about his path to the top on his YouTube channel. He didn’t go without a bang or a bang.

The impressive story of Olivier Richters

Olivier Richters was born big. Where the average baby is 20 inches tall at birth, this colossus was born as a 24-inch-long baby. He wasn’t spared any growth spurts; when Olivier was 19 years old, he reached a height of no less than 2.18 meters.

His height caused a lot of insecurity, from an early age. Not only because people on the street kept staring, but also because Olivier Richters was considered too skinny at the time. He viewed his height as a curse, not something to be proud of.

The rudder turned. The long bar followed a bodybuilder’s regimen to transform his body. Eat a lot, train hard. Not necessarily to become a bodybuilder, but to do something with his own image. And so it happened: in eight years he gained no less than 70 kilos (!) Of muscle mass. A unique and impressive achievement. For comparison, this is what Chris Evans ate to gain 10 pounds of muscle for his starring role in the Marvel movie. Captain America.

First steps as an actor

After Olivier Richters signed up with various Dutch casting agencies, he landed a few small roles. Good and bad times and the television dining room. This gave him a taste and the Dutchman wanted more.

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(Image: ANP/Robin van Lonkhuijsen)

Just then he got a call about a casting call for the role of Chewbacca in the latest Star Wars-movie. Olivier Richters did not get this role. He was too muscular and didn’t fit the suit. But this opportunity lit a fire. Therefore, he adjusted the goal of him: to play in a movie movie.

On the silver screen in a Marvel movie

That goal has now been achieved. Olivier Richters can currently be viewed on Disney+ at the king’s manand in 2021 we saw him play a supporting role in the Marvel movie black widow. In it he plays the Big Dipper. You know, that brutal Russian who shakes hands with Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian (David Harbour). This movie is now on Disney+ as well.

Curiosity about the whole story, and about the long road that Olivier Richters had to travel to get to the king’s man to play? In the YouTube video above, he explains the whole story using examples and anecdotes.

Indiana Jones 5

The lesson of his story: giving up is never an option. Olivier Richters talks about the rejections, about the people who never spoke, about the trips to the United States that he basically did for nothing… and yet he succeeded because he never gave up.

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And for those who can’t get enough of The Dutch Giant, stay tuned for the big screen. As of June 28, Olivier Richters can be seen on Indiana Jones 5. He also plays the role of Krom in the movie. borderlands (2022). so hold on his instagram of IMDb page watch closely.

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From lanky to Marvel actor: This Dutchman notices it

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