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Where to Watch ‘Titans’ Season 3 Episode 11 for Free?

Titans Season 3 Episode 11 is releasing today on HBO Max. The episode is titled as ‘The Call is Coming from Inside the House‘ and will be 60 minutes long.

The third season of the American superhero streaming television series Titans premiered on August 12, 2021. Only two episodes left since season finale. It is the final season to feature longtime cast member Ritchson, who exited the series after appearing in the first two seasons.

After hearing about Jason Todd getting murdered, the Titans team return to Gotham city. Now, titans are on a mission to protect the city from Red Hood in the absence of Batman.

Reviews of Titans Season 3 are positive, with critics regarding it as an improvement over past seasons.

Still from Titans Season 3
Image Credits: HBO Max

If you haven’t cut the cord, stream ‘Titans’ Season 3 Episode 11 Online by visiting the official site here.

Don’t have access to the cord, no worries. Here are other sources where you can watch Episode 11 of Titans Season 3 Free – Amazon Prime Video (30-day free trial) and Paramount+ (7-day free trial).

If you wish to buy the Season 3 of Titans, you can do that on Apple TV ($5.99).

Titans Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers

Still from Titans Season 3
Image Credits: HBO Max

In the last episode, Crane manipulated Gotham’s citizens by framing Dick and his team in toxin outbreak. In the aftermath Red Hood, the villain became Hero of the city. Dick’s team submitted themselves to the police.

In the station some officers attack the team under the command of Fletcher. Jason bribed fletcher and organised this attack on them. Barbara shot Fletcher to save Dick and gets arrested.

In the upcoming episode, Dick wins a battle with Jason, but he is attacked by a swarm of Gotham citizens. Jason returns to Wayne Manor, where he discovers Crane’s behavior is getting more unpredictable.

Rachel discovers the Lazarus Pit which hints her about Dick being in danger. Donna and Tim reunite after they learn that Crane is going to have crooked officers assault Tim’s city block.

After being shot, Kory gets a vision that reveals her powers were originally Blackfire’s before being transferred to Kory by her parents. Kory can now generate blue light.


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